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Emerging Wedding Trends for the Season Ahead

21 Apr

Have you ever considered hiring a ‘professional bridesmaid’? Yes, such a thing does exist, and it’s growing in popularity. Professional bridesmaids are a key trend we’re seeing for weddings this year, and there’s more where that came from!

Other key trends that we are seeing this season is the rise of the ‘two-in-one’ wedding dress, which is most popular when in the form of a detachable skirt. Metallics are still proving popular with gold foil popping up on bridal stationary and invitations, and hints of copper mixed into the reception venue décor scheme.

For guest entertainment, song requests for the DJ, custom satellite bars featuring signature cocktails and selfie sticks as portable photo booths are all on the bridal agenda. For more, have a look at this infographic created by The Dunloe. Continue reading


Top Tips for Planning a Flawless Destination Wedding

13 Apr

Destination Wedding (2)If you think it’s tough planning a wedding, imagine planning one from another country (or the other side of the world, as was the case for the Reflective Wedding!). QC Event School guest blogs this week with advice on organizing a destination wedding without a hitch!

Have you decided to break from a traditional church wedding and head somewhere exotic for your nuptials?

You’re certainly not alone! In recent years, destination weddings have become incredibly popular. The idea of combining the beautiful tradition of wedding vows with a getaway is a very attractive option for couples, and from the outset it may seem like an easier choice. Continue reading

Dealing with a Bridesmaid-Zilla

22 Mar

terror in taffeta FINAL (2)Dealing with a difficult bridesmaid? This week, to coincide with the launch of her novel “Terror in Taffeta”, author Marla Cooper shares tips on handling bridal party divas.

We’ve all heard horror stories about Bridezillas, those spoiled brats in big gowns who think the world revolves around them. But in reality, most brides just want to have a great day surrounded by their friends and family (especially when they’re Reflective Brides!)

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How Millennials Attitude to Marriage is Reducing Divorce Rates

2 Mar

Hoping your wedding vows mean you’ll be together forever? In good news for millennials, new research shows lasting marriages are increasingly likely. Shawn Evans, co-owner at Can’t We Just Get Along Counselling in Calgary, Canada, shares this infographic outlining why divorce rates amongst millennials are at an all-time low. The divorce rate peaked in the 70s and 80s and have been declining ever since. Continue reading

How to Protect Your Wedding Ring from Scratches

17 Feb

Wedding_ringsFew things in life are as cherished as a wedding ring. This priceless token of affection carries countless memories and serves as an ever-present reminder of one’s dedication and commitment to their spouse. Because your wedding ring is worn so frequently, it is subject to more damage than typical jewelry, and requires a certain amount of special care. Here are seven steps that you can take to minimize potential damage, and keep your treasured ring gleaming brightly for years to come. Continue reading

Want Your Wedding Ceremony to Be Memorable?

10 Feb

Decide on a unique theme and style

1From private intimate to complete luxury, when it comes to a wedding ceremony every couple has different requirements. Whatever your wish may be, it all comes down to budget and personal taste. If you want your ceremony to be a memorable one, you might want to decide on a unique theme and style. Daniel Lewis from shares some ideas to help you get inspired.  Continue reading

What Songs Should You Choose For Your Wedding?

13 Jan

Struggling to narrow down the music selection for your big day? Martin Cummins from ring search site Commins & Co guest contributes this week with an infographic outlining types of tunes that would be appropriate for each part of the wedding day, while also offering suggestions as to popular song choices.

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