As a bride, I combed through many wedding websites and blogs for advice and inspiration on planning our big day. There are countless blogs out there to read, but most are either glossy outlets that in trying to be aspirational forget the all-important practicalities, or personal blogs from brides giving cheery but superficial updates to friends and family on their own planning progress.

What I really wanted to know from other brides during our planning was “But how did you decide? And how did you go about planning this particular part?” I wanted to learn from the experience (and mistakes) of others, so that our decisions could be better informed. Many online discussion forums indeed feature brides contributing their two cents on their plans and decision-making – but sometimes when I see year-old forum replies to a particular topic I can’t help but wonder, “But how did that idea turn out? Did you end up making the right decision?” I wanted practical advice and learning points all in one place.

So that’s what this blog is all about: how we decided on our wedding plans, and how it turned out. It’s a start-to-finish look at the different decisions we’ve made (and continue to make) about our nuptials, and then a review in hindsight of how it all goes.

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