Top Tips for Planning a Flawless Destination Wedding

13 Apr

Destination Wedding (2)If you think it’s tough planning a wedding, imagine planning one from another country (or the other side of the world, as was the case for the Reflective Wedding!). QC Event School guest blogs this week with advice on organizing a destination wedding without a hitch!

Have you decided to break from a traditional church wedding and head somewhere exotic for your nuptials?

You’re certainly not alone! In recent years, destination weddings have become incredibly popular. The idea of combining the beautiful tradition of wedding vows with a getaway is a very attractive option for couples, and from the outset it may seem like an easier choice.

However, there are many things to keep in mind when planning the destination wedding of your dreams, and special considerations to be made to ensure your day is flawless. Here are QC Event School’s 5 top tips for planning a fabulous destination wedding:

1. Be Mindful of Weather

Rain on your wedding day is supposed to bring good luck, but if you’re planning on tying the knot in a tropical locale, you may have more than rain to worry about!

Well in advance of your wedding, find out if and when your destination experiences hurricanes or other sour weather patterns.

Consider the fact that even your best efforts to avoid terrible weather can still be foiled by a miserably rainy and windy day in a tropical climate. If you can remain flexible, and even line up an emergency tent or indoor space, you will enjoy the day no matter what – check out QC Event’s School Best Rainy Day Event Fixes.

However, if you’ll be devastated by a spontaneously miserable day, perhaps you should reconsider a destination wedding and stick close to home instead.

2. Treat It Like a Trip

Treat it Like a Trip (2)Think of the last big trip you took – you likely made a long list of details ahead of time to ensure you didn’t forget important documents like your passport, and perhaps even researched the country’s language before you left.

Your destination wedding is no different!

Every country has its own requirements for legal marriage, and these can include items that may not have crossed your mind previously – marriage license applications, blood tests and residency information, to name a few. Be sure to do your research and make a checklist of all the details you’ll need.

Treat your destination wedding like a well-planned trip – this will ensure the day goes off with minimal stress.

3. Consider Your Guests

Consider Guests (2)Attending a wedding can be an expensive endeavor for a guest, even if the ceremony is taking place in their hometown!

In the case of a destination wedding, you’re asking your guests to budget for airfare, accommodations, and transportation – resulting in a $700 to $1200 expense, on average.

What can you do to make things easier for them? Planning well ahead and providing your guests with detailed transportation information from the airport to your wedding site, as well as budget-friendly options for accommodations, will be hugely appreciated.

Another idea is to forgo the wedding registry, and make it known that your guests’ presence at your wedding is a gift in itself!

4. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help!

Ask for Help (2)Vendors, logistics and details, oh my!

Although the wedding itself will take place thousands of miles away, all the planning will be done at home – and this can be very tedious.

Why not enlist a wedding planner to help you out? Or at least a consultant who can scout local vendors, plan for unpredictable events such as bad weather or last-minute emergencies, and help eliminate some of the stress.

A planner who lives and works in the destination of your choice is ideal for managing local details while you’re at home. However, if you employ a planner or consultant from your area, it is customary to cover their transportation costs to your wedding.

5. Be Easygoing (You’re on Vacation!)

Be Easygoing (2)Jetting off to your dream wedding destination should fill you with excitement and joy, not stress and anxiety!

All wedding days encounter hiccups, especially weddings that are planned mostly from a distance and require extra planning and organization.

Don’t let this frazzle you! Remaining flexible and going with the flow will help you stay present and truly enjoy this combined wedding and vacation. It will also help your guests to feel as though they are on vacation as well, and they’ll cherish the day for many years to come.

logo (2)QC Event School offers online, ISES approved, education to students all over the world – our Event and Wedding Planning course, in particular, provides the guidance and practical tools you’ll need to launch a successful career in event and wedding planning. Learn how to plan beautiful weddings and organize milestone parties, business meetings, and industry events for private and corporate clients. Visit our website for more information. Follow our blog, Twitter and Facebook.

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