Want Your Wedding Ceremony to Be Memorable?

10 Feb

Decide on a unique theme and style

1From private intimate to complete luxury, when it comes to a wedding ceremony every couple has different requirements. Whatever your wish may be, it all comes down to budget and personal taste. If you want your ceremony to be a memorable one, you might want to decide on a unique theme and style. Daniel Lewis from WildernessReserve.com shares some ideas to help you get inspired. 

“Downton Abbey” theme

The “Downton Abbey” theme is inspired from the popular British drama with the same name. The series has captured attention with its traditional cottage-like allure and this theme will give your wedding an original vibe that guests will surely appreciate. A vintage-inspired wedding dress, traditional English décor and countryside venue are ideal for couples who want an intimate ceremony with less fuss and increased coziness. Make sure the party is held in a beautiful English cottage or stately home, and decorate the place with local wild flower bouquets and candles to highlight the elegant feel.

Rustic chic theme

A rustic chic wedding ceremony begins with choosing the best location. A vineyard for instance, is an exquisite spot, and a garden or barn could also suit this style. As soon as you’ve found your dream location, you can start recreating the complimentary décor. This theme is ideal in the summer season because it allows couples to have the ceremony in a beautiful garden or open-air venue surrounded by greenery and abundant vegetation. The surrounding landscapes can be incorporated in many different ways. To emphasize the rustic effect, find a way to use the wood, and incorporate it into the chairs and décor.


Classic romance theme

Classic wedding themes are timeless. You’ll be looking at your wedding photos 50 years from now and you’ll still be impressed with the décor. Now let’s not confuse classic with boring. If your location and the arrangements are simpler (yet stylish), you can choose to instead make an impression with the most extravagant and interesting dress. All eyes will be on you! Pay close attention to every detail and bring in delicate romantic touches to transform the venue into an enticing and alluring place. Make everything look transparent with crystal glasses, sheer décor and white flowers. Add a touch a drama with hints of soft color, or use a neutral palette for a classic look.

Ethnic theme

Multicultural or ethnic weddings are about embracing your cultural heritage, customs and traditions. They’re all about color, rich fabrics and conventional fashion. However, it is possible to incorporate modern aspects into an ethnic wedding ceremony too. Make the theme vibrant and your attendees will surely appreciate you innovative sense of style. Think outside the box by making the décor stand out. Create decorations to make a statement and bring out your cultural background, but stick to classic elements too just to have some balance.

Seaside theme

3Now that’s a theme your guests will enjoy! Many couples dream of getting married by the ocean. Make that dream come true and consider the seaside theme for your wedding ceremony. Opt for a beach or coastal resort for the location and pick a place that’s calm, crisp and enchanting. As for the decorations, go for tones of baby blue, pastel yellow and light pink. These palettes will blend perfectly with the natural colors of the sand and the ocean.

Do you plan on getting married this year? Are you having difficulties choosing a location? Many couples struggle with the organization of their ceremony; picking the best location, the best time of the year and the best food is without a doubt tiring. However, if you plan in advance and if you take things one step at the time, you will make it through. It’s all about choosing the most important things first: the theme and the location (and then the dress, of course!).

Lavish ceremonies are not just expensive, but also tiring. Couples might find a way to entertain all guests, and that can be a challenge. More intimate ceremonies on the other hand, are much easier to manage. There’s plenty of time for the bride and groom to have a good time, dance, take photos, and spend with the guests.

Bydaniel (2) Daniel Lewis and WildernessReserve.com, which offers a manor house and luxury cottages in Suffolk in the United Kingdom.

(All images provided by author.)

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