Things to Remember When Booking a Wedding Venue

9 Dec

wedding dance 2 (2)You have just gotten engaged and the planning has officially started for what will be one of the biggest, most important days of your life. Booking a wedding venue may seem easy, but many wedding professionals suggest that finding a suitable venue is actually one of the hardest things a couple will have to do during their planning. If you are properly prepared, though, booking a venue that is appropriate for you and your needs will be simple and stress free. Guest blogger Theresa Gibson from has compiled a list of things you should remember when looking to book your wedding venue.

Have an Idea About the Theme or Style of Your Wedding
This will help you better search for venues that will fit your vision for your day. Choosing a wedding style early on will help you find the right venue for you, instead of coming up with a look that suits your venue. You may be able to save hundreds of dollars on your ceremony or reception space decor by choosing a place that already suits the style or theme that you are going for. Besides, trying to have a rustic wedding inside of a resort reception hall just doesn’t have the same effect as if it were in a loft style barn, for example. Having a theme in mind will ultimately save you time looking at venues that do not fit your ideal wedding ideas.

Know and Understand the Logistics
green wedding (2)Wedding professionals recommend you at least have a ballpark idea of how many guests you want at your wedding before looking at venues, in order to avoid headaches later on. Knowing and understanding the logistics of a potential wedding venue is important for this reason. If you fall in love with a certain venue and sign the contract before considering the size of your party, you may end up having to strike some names off of the invite list.

You will also want to know some key things about the property where you wish to have your event, such as their accessibility for friends or family who may need it, and in the winter time who takes care of ploughing the parking lot in case of snow. Any vendor who rents out their location for a ceremony or reception should be able and happy to answer all of your questions in a timely manner; if they do not, it is time to start looking elsewhere.

Ask if the Venue is Full Service
A full-service venue is a place that provides table, chair and linen rentals, as well as decor for the day of the wedding. If your venue is not full service, you will be stuck having to find different vendors for all your rentals, or hire a wedding planner to do that for you. Full-service venues will have packages available where the price you pay per plate takes care of more than just the food. They will ensure linens are to your specifications, your decor is perfect and much more. Some venues are so full service that you can do everything with them, including ordering your cake and invitations.

Wedding path and decorations for newlyweds. In Nature in the garden.

Get it in Writing
Another important aspect of booking a wedding venue is the contract. You will want to make sure you get everything you and the venue manager have decided on in writing, to protect you should anything go wrong leading up to or on your wedding day. If you have asked for certain specifications, make sure they are met and that the venue is providing you with something written and signed by them. A good venue will always provide this for you, or add your requests into the contract that you will sign. Never be afraid to ask questions if you do not understand something as well; they are here to help and to make sure that you have all of your queries answered. Never rush into signing anything either. You can always take the paperwork home and read over it thoroughly before signing the contract, just to make sure you haven’t missed anything crucial.

theresa gibson (2)This article was written by Theresa Gibson, savvy wedding blogger and social media manager at, a leading go-to vendor guide for brides across North America. To connect with Theresa, follow her on Facebook.

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