Adorable Trends for Flower Girls

19 Nov

FirstYour wedding is that magical day when you turn into a princess and your partner into a Prince Charming. One small way to make your day fun and touching is recruiting a flower girl to lead you down the aisle. Writer Emma Lawson guest blogs this week with new trends for your flower girls, from what to wear to what to carry. (Hint: it doesn’t have to be flowers!) These new ideas are great for kids because they are fun and unusual, and your guests won’t be able to hold back their smiles and tears of joy.


Touching, witty, funny, or traditional, signs are an interesting way to express your creativity and make guests chuckle while waiting for the bride to arrive. You can have them made out of paper or wood; just make sure they are not too heavy for your little flower girl to carry. Traditional ones saying ‘Here comes the bride’ are as welcome as two signs that say ‘Please turn off your phones…’ and ‘She means it’. Having children carrying these will put a smile on everyone’s faces.

‘Magic’ wands

SecondSometimes when you have more than one flower girl, having them all carry a sign can be a bit impractical, especially if all of them are of rather different ages. This is why it can be a good idea to instead give each of your flower girls a decorative wand that she can wave around as she announces the bride’s entrance. Ribbon wands are a good idea since they can have more than ribbons attached; for example, you can add tulle pom poms that could match their own dress and sash. What’s more, girls will love waving them around and pretending they are fairy princesses.

A dash of colour

Flower girls are pure innocence and usually wear white dresses, but that trend is changing: little flower girls from all over the world are wearing colourful dresses. Sometimes, you can choose to leave the dress white, and add a colourful sash with a matching ribbon on her basket. What’s more, eye-catching flower girl dresses with matching shoes and ribbons in her hair will turn her into a rainbow-filled drop of light, and she will be much happier wearing that than simple white dress.


Glamorous touch

Believe it or not, children know glamour and elegance when they see it, and they love it when their dresses are such. Having satin, silk and lace added to her dress will make her look and feel like a real princess for a day. Also, when thinking about sleeves for her dress, keep it simple and short; long sleeves are not a good idea on a little girl who only wishes to run around (and who will probably dip it right into chocolate cake).

Flower girls embody happiness and pure joy. They are innocent and sweet, and they truly cast some of that special children’s magic over your special day. New flower girl trends are also an opportunity for little girls (and the bride) to relax and enjoy the day a bit more, without having to fear whether they have thrown too much or too few petals while they walk down the aisle.

EmmaEmma is passionate about writing. She managed to find and create her style after becoming a mom. Since then, being a woman is a title she wears with the greatest dignity. You can follow her on Twitter @EmmahLawson.

(All images provided by author. First image from A Heavenly Ceremony, second from Broke Creative Bride, third from Stellina Cute Couture.)

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