5 Ideas for a Bachelorette Night In

27 Aug

1 HenHen parties offer the best way to wave goodbye to the unmarried lifestyle and welcome the marital era of your life by having fun with your best friends. Still, planning a pitch-perfect hen party calls for some skills, inspiration and ingenuity, which is why we have a few trendy ideas for a fun bachelorette party setting right here – so keep reading if you want to throw a fabulous hen party you and your friends will remember for the rest of your lives.

1. Old-school sleepover party

You can make no mistake with the old-school pyjama hen party. A great way to celebrate time-tested friendships, sleepovers can incorporate fun activities like making dinner together, watching favorite sitcoms and movies, and chatting all night. To throw a sleepover hen party, you’ll need some treats, drinks, board games, pyjamas and spare bedding to accommodate all your guests. For an extra dash of glam and party mood, you can also throw in scented candles, incense sticks and unique lighting solutions to create a cozy yet exciting atmosphere – after all, this is your “last night” as an unmarried lady, so why not make it as fancy as it can get?

2. Ladies’ cocktail night

2 HenIf you want to raise your glass to the marital waters ahead, you can always make a show of it and organize a cocktail-making hen party. For a cocktail bachelorette party at home, you’ll need a stack of shot, wine and cocktail glasses, measuring cups, shakers, a handful of interesting cocktail recipes which you can find on the internet, a few bottles of your favorite alcoholic drinks and decorative cocktail accessories like straws and umbrellas. You can even organize a cocktail-making contest and have your friends mix different cocktails, taste them and finally choose the best drink made that night (you probably won’t need any prizes, though, the experience, laughs and drinks will be a reward enough).  

3. Clothes swap

3 HenOne more cool idea for a hens night in, a clothes-swapping night will earn you the title of the host of the best bachelorette gathering ever. By letting your friends preserve a piece of your clothes and receiving bits of their outfits in return, you will symbolically get – and give – “something old, something new” to remind you of lasting friendly bonds and bring you happiness, prosperity, fidelity and good luck in the time to come. On top of that, a clothes-swapping night will help you clean out your wardrobe and make room for fresh wedding gifts, get rid of the items you seldom wear and potentially even get your paws on a piece of your friend’s outfit you’ve been secretly eyeing for a while.

4. Crafty bachelorette parties

For ladies who prefer doing things with their own hands, a DIY hen party will definitely be a better option than a movie marathon session. From making wedding decorations, boutonnière and flower arrangements to patchwork, jewelry-making and sewing sessions, inspiration for bachelorette party handicrafts is endless. Before you pick a theme for your DIY hen party, consult your friends as to what crafty activities they would like to engage in for the evening, and then go and grab essential materials and accessories. After all, making a personal gift for your bridesmaids and getting a hand-made present yourself is invaluable.

5. Backyard BBQ 

4 HenDepending on the weather and the season, you may want to use your backyard as the focal point for a cool hen party. In warm seasons, throwing a barbecue bachelorette party may just be the perfect way to spend your last day before getting hitched. Barbecues are loved by everyone, so why not give yourself a permission to indulge all your senses in a hefty portion of wine and grilled meat before it’s time to walk down the aisle looking glamorous?

Are these tips too ordinary for you and your crazy gang? You can always organize something crazy, for example a cowgirl-themed party! For a night, turn into a cowgirl, release your imagination, and have fun!

I hope these tips helped you decide a way to celebrate your special night with the girls. All you have to do now is put a smile on your face and enjoy!

Amy Mia Goldsmith is a literature graduate with a passion for writing. She is a regular contributor at High Style Life and her passion is organic makeup and she loves to spend her free time hiking and of course – make up shopping! You can contact Amy on her Facebook page.

(All images provided by author. Second image from Pixabay, third image from Coronet Diamonds, fourth image from She Knows.)

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