Bring Sentimental Moments to Your Special Day

8 May


Your wedding is a sentimental experience by itself, but there are many small things you can do on your big day to contribute even more to that feeling. A wedding is a big celebration which will host many of your friends and family, but in the essence it belongs only to you and the person you’ve decided to spend your life with. Cristina Nika Kask guest blogs this week with some great ideas on how to make your “happily ever after” more personal.

The dress, the party and the decorations are just a bonus; what really matters on your wedding day is bringing two people together with eternal love. So, how can you incorporate those tiny special sentimental moments into your wedding experience?

Bring back old memories

Display the wedding wedding photos of your parents, in-laws and even grandparents. Just for keeps, snap a photo where you and your beloved are both holding pictures from your parents’ weddings. You can also recreate some of your favorite photos from your parents’ wedding. Now, wouldn’t that be a proper tear jerker?

3Say YES like your mother did

If your mother preserved her wedding dress, surely she would be delighted by the idea of the apple of her eye wearing the same gown as her while she pledges eternal love to her man. If she agrees with it, you can even re-tailor it to make it more modern, or add parts of it to your own gown. If it’s not preserved enough or not quite to your style, you could add a sentimental touch by wrapping your bridal bouquet in the lace of your mother’s dress.


Just for the two of you

Though your families are an important part of your special day, and if it wasn’t for them, you wouldn’t be there, you two still the owners of the day. That’s why you should do something special for your chosen one before stepping into your new life together.

Write a letter to your loved one telling him how happy you are about this event. Exchange letters somewhere where you can read them together, for a photographer to capture and immortalize your reactions. Or, for a more daring gift, maybe present him with a collection of your boudoir photos.

Personalize your fashion

Take photos of your gown on a hanger, shoes, jewelry and any other meaningful accessories in the “getting ready” part of your day. Make those pictures as beautiful and emotional as the ones on the very ceremony. How cute would it be to have a picture of you and your mother and bridesmaids in personalized satin robes? A great idea for the groom’s personalized look could be a tie with embroidered loving message. For extra special wedding shoes, have them hand painted with the date of the wedding or an “I do” inscription. As a special symbol of eternity, engrave some inscription that matters to you two (perhaps the title of your first dance song) on your wedding rings.

4 Include your guests in the festivities

The people invited to your wedding day are most likely special for you, so include them in your sentimental moments as well. For example, you could showcase in one place pictures of all the married couples on their special days. And honor the couple that stayed together the longest, by playing their first dance song, and giving them space on the stage to recreate that amazing moment. It will be special for them and for you as well, because you’ll be able to picture yourself in that kind of everlasting love.

In the end, don’t shy away from anything that might let a few tears slip… as long as they’re tears of joy, it’s great to include in your special day!


(All images provided by author. First image from Buzzfeed, fourth image from Mi Emporium.)

120x120 (2)Cristina Nika Kask is a fashion enthusiast and a lifestyle blogger. She writes about all things related to beauty, style and healthy life. She looks for inspiration in everyday situations, enjoys watching independent movies and likes discovering new places. Cristina is a regular contributor at High Style Life blog.

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