5 Resources Brides Should Not Ignore

4 Dec

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By guest blogger Jenny Wescott.

Are you flustered about flowers? Coming out in hives over your honeymoon? Stressed about seating plans?

A shocking eighty-two per cent of brides have regrets about their wedding day. Although fun and exciting, planning a wedding is also one of the most stressful events you will encounter in your life.

Not only have you got new in-laws to contend with, you’ve got to work out who you’re going invite, who will be in your bridal party and most stressful of all, how you’re intending to pay for it!

Fortunately, there are lots of resources available for busy brides-to-be. Check out five of our favourites from the list below.


RSVPifyImage courtesy of RSVPify

Isn’t it annoying having to wait for an RSVP? Not anymore! RSVPify makes dealing with wedding confirmations easier than ever before.

Simply upload the HTML code onto your wedding website and guests can confirm their attendance at the click of a button. Alternatively, you can email or text your guests the link.

RSVPify gives you an at-a-glance view of who has confirmed and who you’re till waiting on. There’s an option for guests to choose their meal option or simply state whether they are vegetarian or not.

Super organised brides to be can export all data into an excel spreadsheet.

Creating a simple RSVP set-up is free. If you want extra features, such as drag and drop seating plans, or dashboard organisation, you can upgrade to the premium option.

Wedding Party App

Wedding Party AppImage courtesy of Wedding Party

Wedding Party App comes fully-approved by big media names, such as the New York Times, Huffington Post and Mashable.

It allows your guests to upload their pictures, stories and highlights from your big day onto one, handy (and free!) app.

Even if your guests don’t have a smartphone, as long as they download the app onto their desktop computer, they can upload photos from their digital camera in seconds.

Photos can be shared with an editable guest list. So no need for your nasty colleague to see all your pictures, you have complete control over who you are sharing your photos with.


Vera WangImage courtesy of Vera Wang

Reading books is a great way to unwind, whilst still learning about new ways to manage your wedding planning.

The great thing about books, is that they steer you away from the internet, so you can switch off from the world and settle back (in a bath, preferably), without the temptation of checking your emails or Facebook.

From planning your wedding on a budget, to finding out how to handle bridesmaid fall-outs, to how to keep things sexy in the bedroom as a new bride, there’s a whole host of bridal books you can choose from.

It’s a good idea to get a selection of books with different angles and takes on topics. A large coffee table book, depicting a range of wedding dresses, could be used for one of your bridesmaid afternoons, where you get the girls round to talk about outfits and shoes.

A humorous wedding book is also a must-have, for those days when you’ve fallen out with your hubby-to-be over something silly.


HoneyfundDid you know twelve per cent of married couples won’t have a honeymoon? Most of these couples state lack of funds as the main reason.

Make sure you don’t fall into this statistic by setting up an account on Honeyfund. This free-to-use wedding registry allows guests to gift money to go towards your honeymoon.

But rather than just giving money, Honeyfund allows guests to choose what the money is used for, such as excursions, money towards air fare, or a meal out.

There are plenty of inspirational ideas on Honeyfund as well. Read advice and stories from real couples and find out how they spent their Honeyfund cash.

Work out how much you should be budgeting for with the Planner Tool. Just input your desired destination, such as tropical resort or African safari, and how many nights you want to spend away. The website calculates how much money you will need to budget for. That’s another potentially stressful job, sorted!

Wedding Happy App

Happy AppImage courtesy of Wedding Happy

Instead of having countless to-do lists, diaries and planners set up on your phone and tablet, download the Wedding Happy app instead.

This one-stop-shop allows you to manage wedding tasks, without getting overwhelmed. Enter the date of your wedding and the app works out what you need to do and when. Get notifications and reminders of upcoming deadlines. You can assign task to members of your wedding party or choose to export the data.

There’s a vendor section too, so you can keep all your supplier details in one handy place. Perfect for if you’re having a panic and need to confirm exactly how many tea lights you ordered! Who knew weddings could be so stressful?

Wedding Happy has been featured on Pop Sugar, ModCloth, Mint and Tech Radar.

It’s never too early to start planning your wedding. Well, maybe wait until you have a fiancée first, but the earlier you start, the less stressful you’ll be. Use these tools and get advice from recently-married friends and family members. What would they do different? Have they got any great resources they can recommend? Follow Jenny Wescott on www.jenny-wescott.co.ukFacbook.com/JennyWescot88 or Twitter @JennyWescott1.

(All images provided by author.)

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