It’s An Invite, So Make It Inviting

27 Sep

Invitation 1If you’re feeling torn between following the traditional guidelines for writing and designing your wedding invitations, and trying to add some fun and personality to your big-day stationery, check out this advice from guest blogger Nicole Abrahams from Pure Invitation.

Everyone has received wedding invites… and many a time they are on old-looking paper and worded with all the warmth and passion of a summons for jury duty. Why some of the most interesting folks in the world turn stilted and impersonal in the process of announcing their wedding day is hard to fathom.

It could be a matter of simply following what others have done — as gold-leaf sample books at local printers would have you do — or parents and grand-mums sit back and calm down. However, if you’d prefer a more personal touch to your wedding invitations, here are some guidelines for truly inviting people to share in the most important day in any couple’s life.

Make your invites reflective of you, the two people getting married. Whilst it is fine to consult wording suggestion guides for all the scenarios of church, no church, divorced parents, ex-spouses and so on, it is also fine to draft your own wording on your invites, especially when a theme may be in play for the ceremony or reception.

The Basics

Here are a few guidelines to get you started:

Invitation 31. You have to say who is getting married, of course. But, do you have to say it in the unabridged entirety of a passport or birth certificate? When you start asking if you have to do something in particular for your wedding invitations, like whether you really need to include middle names or titles like Miss and Mr, chances are that what you are asking runs counter to your intuition and comfort zone. There is nothing wrong with using your entire names on your wedding invites but there is nothing wrong with using your familiar names or even your nicknames either. The point is, don’t be coerced into abandoning what your instincts and judgment are telling you.

2. You should feel free to explore all possibilities for the physical elements of your invites, and not feel constrained to abide by the typical papers, formats or presentations. It is perfectly acceptable to think outside the box and utilise creative ways to express your individuality and give your invites a truly personal touch. A good starting point is to consider who the two of you are and what is important to you, and then imagine how you might reflect this in the feel, shape, size, texture, and colour of your invites. If you’re stuck, start by considering what is not reflective of your personalities.

3. You have to deliver your invites to your guests somehow, and email just isn’t going to cut it if you want your invitations to be truly inviting. So, let your creativity flow and think of ways you might personalise the delivery and RSVP process for your wedding invites. Mailing may be necessary, especially for very large weddings or those with guests based far away, but hand delivery is always more personal. You can also make the invitations more personal by making them interactive. For example, you could add a touch of mystery and fun by having a scratch-off reveal some of the details, or you could direct guests to a dedicated website to RSVP. In New York once, homing pigeons were hand delivered with instructions to release  them immediately as a yes RSVP. Stimulate your imagination by researching creative invite ideas.

Invitation 24. Regardless of whether you select a ready-made design or decide to create your own invites, there can often be differing opinions as to what is most inviting or appropriate. You as a couple may come to agreement on an idea that is not so popular with family members. This can cause unnecessary tension from feeling a need to compromise. However, a solution may be to order two different sets and styles of invitations, so that those family members who prefer a more conservative invite can choose the one they consider appropriate for their guest list and a more personal invite can be sent to your other guests.

The bottom line is to keep sight of the momentous occasion and ensure that the joy you feel is evident in the style and delivery of your invitations. In the years going forward, you will want to look back and admire the decisions you made in announcing your wedding. After all, it is the first impression of a new family in the making, so get creative and have fun making your invites inviting.

PureFavoursNicole Abrahams currently writes for Pure Invitation, one of the most reliable providers of beautiful designer stationery and wedding invitations in the UK. Follow Pure Favours on Facebook and Twitter.

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