Planning Your Wedding Gift Registry

17 Sep

wedding-registryWondering where to start with planning the gift registry for your wedding and what to include in it? Freelance writer Luke Sky guest blogs this week with advice on finding the perfect gifting options for you and your guests.

One of the many enjoyable aspects of planning a wedding is putting together a wish list of things that your guests can choose from as gifts to congratulate you as bride and groom. A wedding registry is how most people decide to deal with this aspect of the big day – registering at one or more stores or suppliers that stock exactly the kind of things they would like to adorn their home. The internet has simplified this process enormously by allowing guests to access the registry and select gift items at the right price, secure in the knowledge that they can’t really get it wrong. Using a registry removes the embarrassment of opening gifts that aren’t to your taste, as you have pre-selected everything yourself.

The best place to start with a wedding registry is by sitting down with your loved one and writing out a list of things you would like. This also works as an early exercise in learning to compromise – writing such a list is likely to involve a certain amount of give and take!

Be flexible

BouquetIf decisions are becoming hard to reach, allocate different areas such as bedding and chinaware to one person, and electronics, tech and tools to the other.  When selecting items for the list, try and project into the future – yes, you may crave a Cath Kidston tent to take to music festivals now, but will you still feel that way in a few years time? Wouldn’t the commemorative engraved decanter or set of cocktail glasses be a more sensible, long-term choice?

Give guests options

Your guests will all have different budgets for gifts so make sure to give them plenty of low-, mid-range and higher-end options.  Include more gifts on the registry than there are guests, as this gives an added element of choice that they will find helpful.  It’s also a good idea to set up a wedding registry at more than one store.  Try a kitchen emporium, a homeware shop and a general department store – this way, all bases should be covered.  Don’t keep it all online as older relatives may struggle with the technical side of things.

List ideas

Decide on formal and casual dinner- and glassware you both like and ask for items to help build up your collection. Include other sundry things such as serving platters, fruit bowls, saucepans and cutlery. Kitchen electronics such as coffee makers, food mixers, toasters, steamers, coffee grinders, juicers and blenders are very popular. You will need table linen as well as bathroom and bed linen and decorative items such as lamps, rugs and cushions.

Use the services out there

ComputerLook into the registry services available at local stores as well as online. Some stores will show you around, offering suggestions and ideas, while others give you a scanner to zap goods you want to add to the list. Wedding registry services are a super-efficient way of managing the gifts you receive, avoiding the problems of duplicates and unwanted items – and guests find them really helpful, too!

Get the gifts you deserve by giving guests the help they need with an extensive, well-organised wedding registry. With a little thought put into assembling a list, you could still be enjoying the fruits of your labour in years to come…

Luke Sky is a well-educated freelance writer with a serious passion for style and fashion. He prides himself on finding the perfect gift for the special people in his life, no matter the occasion. By night he is usually found writing in his garden studio working on his first novel, and by day he can be found at his day job where he is a personal stylist and shopper. He is determined to one day fulfil his dream of becoming a freelance stylist for the stars.

(First two images from Versus Battle, final two images provided by author.)

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