A Guy’s Guide to Buying an Engagement Ring

11 Sep

We recently shared tips on how to propose, and this week Gear Jewellers Dublin shares an infographic on how to find an engagement ring. Owner Jeff Gear writes that they often deal with men who become overwhelmed and stressed by the responsibility of picking that perfect ring. Their advice this week explores more than traditional jewellery finding tips. From before he even steps into a jewellers, to long after the proposal, the infographic provides simple, straight-forward advice on choosing the perfect engagement ring. Whether you choose a traditional diamond or an unusual gemstone, if you’re splashing out or being frugal, if you’re popping the question to a special man or a special lady, the Guy’s Guide covers everything you need to know!

A-guy's -guide-to-buy-an-engagement-ring-An-infographic (2)

Jeff Gear is the owner of Gear Jewellers Dublin. As a designer of bespoke wedding jewellery I care deeply about my clients, and work hard on helping them find the right pieces to suit any occasion. 

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