How Important Are Wedding Invitations to the Style of Your Day?

3 Sep

InvitationYour guests will look to your wedding invitation to decode the style and level of formality you are hoping to achieve for your big day. This week, Ivy Ellen wedding invitation specialists guest post with tips on making your invitations communicate your wedding-day style.

When it comes to designing your wedding, it’s best compared to solving a puzzle. Every single aspect needs to be in the right spot so that the final picture is complete. As there’s so much to do, one of the items that often gets rushed is the invitations, although it’s definitely one of the most important aspects.

Although both the bride and groom may have a good idea on the specific style they want to have, it can be tough to bring all of the elements together into something that’s cohesive. The style of wedding you have will drastically change the style and look of your invitation drastically, with a formal black and white wedding requiring a completely different invitation tone than that of a casual seaside wedding.

One of the earliest ways you set the style of your wedding for your guests is through your invitation, usually sending it out just after you have chosen where the ceremony is, where the reception is and when it’s going to be. You can use your wedding invitation to work as a benchmark that will help coordinate what you wear, what the bridesmaids and the groomsmen wear, as well as the day’s decorations.

Pay attention to the following tips so that you can ensure your wedding invitation sets the correct tone and style that everybody will understand.

The wording

When it comes to the wording of your wedding invitation, traditionally it would sound like this: “Mr James Smith and Miss Kara Reynolds request the honour of your presence at their marriage”.

Something more casual, but still with a serious tone, would be something like this: “Please join James Smith and Kara Reynolds as they celebrate the beginning of their lives together”.

If your wedding is going to be completely casual then you don’t have to worry as much about what you say in the invitation. Simply stay away from the previous formal writing and ensure that it’s light hearted and fun.

The titles

Using the formal examples that we’ve stated above, you would use full names and titles (eg, Mr and Mrs So-and-so) all the way through the wedding invitation. On the other hand, a casual invitation allows the bride and groom to choose if they want to use titles or not. No matter what you go for, make sure you are consistent all the way through so as not to cause confusion.

BGThe time

An often under-estimated aspect of a wedding invitation is the time. The later a wedding, the more formal it usually is, and the timing you write on your invitation will communicate a certain level of formality to your guests. Genuinely white or black-tie events occur at night, generally any time after 6pm. If your wedding was to be at 11am, it says to your guests that the day is going to be more casual and relaxed.

This means that if you want a wedding with guests wearing beautiful long gowns and smart tuxedos, make sure that the event isn’t earlier than 6pm.

The location

It’s easy to realise that certain locations are always going to be more casual than others, and communicate more of a casual atmosphere when written in your invitations. Try to imagine guests that are wearing black ties stood on a beach or even in a woodland location. More traditional locations such as synagogues, churches or any other place of worship often imply a higher level of respect and formality.

When it comes to the type of smart clothes guests wear at a place of worship, both the style and look of your invite can dictate what people wear.

For certain locations there isn’t a definitive style that’s easy to see, including historical houses or a loft spaces. If you want to get married in a location like this you to need to ensure you convey the style in other ways through your wedding invitation, like the specific wording as well as the time the wedding is going to take place.

Style and colour

A formal wedding invitation is normally more traditional, and would follow a stylised/monochromatic design. This design is more often than not done on ecru or white paper with black engraved writing done in an impressive font. If you want a wedding with black or white tie, this type of invitation is completely foolproof.

If you’re planning more of a casual wedding, you have a lot more freedom to work with – including the colour, the sheen the paper has, and casual text styles. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Make it as unique and exciting as possible, and you’ll be sure that people will start to be as excited as you are.

Another thing you need to consider when it comes to the style and colour of an invite is the envelope. A formal wedding invitation will simply have a plain white envelope, in some cases with a slight silver design to catch people’s eye. A casual invitation can have colours that match whatever design the couple have, so that it coordinates.


Traditional invitations normally have engraved script. Even in modern times this is a normal occurrence as it’s both formal and of the highest quality, always catching the eye. However, engraving is fairly expensive, so when on a budget there are other options you can take advantage of.

Thermography is a popular choice, which is much more affordable. It allows you to choose a variety of different colours and text styles that can match whatever your design is, no matter how casual or formal. Another popular casual choice is flat printing, and that gives you almost infinite text and colour choices.

Your wedding invitation and your special day

Your wedding is one of the most important days in your life. It’s when your friends and family can see you and your other half become partners. Every aspect of your wedding needs the right amount of time spent on it, even when it comes to your wedding invitation. It’s important for people to get an understanding of what your wedding style is going to be so that people can be dressed appropriately. Every wedding can be different, so ensure you have an amazing day like nothing else you or anyone else has experience.

Selection_003This blog was written by Jennifer Smith on behalf of Ivy Ellen, the premium wedding invitation specialists.

(All images provided by author.)

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  1. Marlie Davidson November 19, 2014 at 10:11 pm #

    This is a great list of things to consider when designing a wedding invitation. Glad I know about the time etiquette now. Thanks for the post.

  2. wijayanti April 30, 2015 at 2:09 am #

    Thanks, It is great explanation about wedding invitation style. I found many ideas after read this article. I found other helpfull resources too in

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