How to Have the Sweetest Wedding Candy Buffet

27 May

Treats for your sweet and sugar for your honey

???????????????????????????????Planning a candy buffet for your wedding reception? The team from confectionary store BigLolly guest posts this week with their tips on putting together a delicious and beautiful display that will wow your guests.

Sugared almonds, Tiffany blue chocolate hearts, fluffy pastel marshmallow puffs and sweetheart lollipops, yummmm! Many couples are moving away from the traditional wedding cake and alternate drop desserts for their big day, and looking at candy buffets to treat their sweethearts.

With this growing trend, and the fact that the average wedding cake costs around $450-$600, a candy buffet is also a delicious alternative for budget-conscious couples. If you spent the equivalent amount on a candy buffet, you would get around 25 kilograms of candy, which would make for a very impressive sweet table. You’re not alone either: candy buffets have been a feature at many a celebrity wedding, red carpet events, and even the Oscars.

A candy buffet can be customised to match your wedding colour theme: pastels, pink and white, Tiffany blue, lilac or just a mix of all your childhood favourites. You can stick to a single colour or two to three complementary colours, or even go all out and have a rainbow display. Candy buffets add an element of fun and colour, serve as a spectacular centrepiece matching your wedding décor, and are a great way for guests to mingle. The little ones will love them, and the adults can release their inner child and feel like a kid in a candy store again.

Wedding Candy buffet-Black&White shot 4This fun candy buffet trend gives you the chance to be creative with your display. Have fun with it. Create beautiful fonts on label cards, and make use of ribbons, signs, pretty glass jars, the lollies themselves and, of course, colour. You can buy really lovely glass jars relatively cheaply; check out your local second-hand shops for pretty antique vases, or even use tea cups and teapots for a vintage high tea theme. Using a variety of decorative jars with different shapes, sizes and heights creates a focal point and is a striking visual reinforcement of your theme. Use jars of differing heights or place some on covered wooden blocks, to give the display some variety. You can even accessorise your candy buffet with colour-coordinated scoops, mini lolly bags or bento boxes in the colour theme of your wedding. Also think about what table cloth to use and what background to feature in your display… your candy buffet will be a great photo opportunity! Using vintage style bunting, flowers and crystals can add to the wow factor of your buffet.

Make sure you do a trial run to check the table size, and do a test of the layout of the jars and sweets quantities before the big day. This is so you can make sure you have a stunning and impactful display. If there aren’t enough jars or sweets to fill them, the display will look lost on the table. Another good idea is to have a small stash of candy under the table so the jars can be topped up during the evening.

Wedding Candy buffet-Purple & White shot 13You don’t have to just use candy in the candy buffet, either. Tiered cupcake stands, cake pops, wedding-decorated cookies and beautiful pastel French macarons can fill the spaces and look so elegant. They also give a variety of dessert options for guests. The most popular candy to use is sugared almonds, chocolate hearts and balls, and marshmallows. Sixlets and Pearls are great as well because they come in beautiful shimmering pastel colours perfect for weddings and won’t melt or bleed.

Another sweet treat that has a more vintage theme is the century-old tradition of wedding favours or bonbonniere. These are traditionally chocolate hearts or sugared almonds, but can be heart lollipops or chocolate bars with personalised wrappers. Sugared almonds traditionally are given to guests in delicate fabric bags in numbers of either three or five – three to signify the bride, groom and their future child; five as a symbol of fertility, longevity, happiness, health and wealth. Chocolate or almonds will delight your guests, as a lovely parting gift, or your candy buffet goody bags can double as bonbonniere.

Final Biglolly DesignThe cheapest and most reliable way to buy your confectionary for your wedding is from a reputable online retailer such as  BigLolly boasts more than 500 varieties of lollies, with an entire section dedicated to weddings. Their enormous range of confectionary includes wedding classics like Sixlets, pearls, sugared almonds and foil-wrapped chocolate hearts and balls. All these scrumptious candies are available in romantic shades of Tiffany blue, blush pink, lilac and mint green to ensure they match the colours of your wedding.

With no minimum order requirements and because you are ordering straight from the supplier, offers all products 15% to 25% cheaper than major supermarkets’ private confectionary labels and leading Australian brands, without compromising on quality. 

(All images supplied by author.)

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