Wedding Invitation Styles and Colours

18 Mar

Dreamday-Image1Has the huge array of designs for wedding invitations and options for stationery decorations left you feeling a little overwhelmed about where to start? Nicole Branch from DreamDay Invitations guest blogs this week  with their expert industry tips on what’s trendy, what’s classic and what’s adaptable in the look for the invitations to your special day.

Choosing wedding invitations is an important part of your wedding planning, as your wedding invites set the tone for your day and give guests their first glance at what your wedding will be like. While the constant increase in number of wedding invitation styles and colours available provides couples with innovative and trendy invitation design options to choose from, it can also leave you feeling overwhelmed with the jargon and hard pressed to make a final decision. With this in mind, we’ve listed out a few of our favourite wedding invitation styles and colours, that are on-trend no matter what the season and easily customisable to ensure your wedding invitations stand out from all the others!

Romantic Vintage Wedding Invitations 
Available in different unique designs and styles, vintage wedding invitations have something to suit a plethora of wedding themes, from traditional through to rustic and retro. This exquisite category of wedding invitations has now branched into several sub-categories that include the original romantic, vintage look of soft neutrals and shades of pink accompanied by floral patterns and script fonts, as well as vivacious Great Gatsby wedding invitations that epitomise the roaring 1920s with its bold colour palette and striking art deco patterns.

The vintage wedding invitation arena has also given birth to a lot of fusion styles such as the popular vintage-chic design concept, which combines the old-world charm of antique patterns with a contemporary twist using modern fonts to give couples the best of both of worlds for their wedding invites.

Modern Wedding Invitations for the Trendsetters
Dreamday-Image3Modern wedding invitations are one of our favourite categories and just perfect for a fashionista couple after untraditional wedding invitations that push the limits.

Use vivid colours, trendy typography inspired designs, fun patterns such as chevron and polka dots to create your modern wedding invitations. Don’t be afraid to try out unusual colour combinations and unique styles that you wouldn’t normally expect to see used for wedding invites, like a scratch card design to reveal your wedding details.

As with any other style, you can easily customise your modern wedding invitations and either turn up the contemporary twist or blend it with the classic look of a traditional wedding invitation, by adopting a minimalistic approach using silhouettes or a simple monogram and a crisp font.

Get Creative with Typography Wedding Invitations 
Dreamday-Image2Favoured by creative couples, this unique and relatively new style of wedding invitations uses fonts as the main art element in the design. When opting for typography wedding invitations, it’s important to look around for inspiration everywhere! From magazines and old books, to the most unexpected places like graffiti on street corners, you’d be surprised by the number of great fonts you will come across. Use all of this to help you create memorable wedding invitations featuring typography-inspired designs that not only look great, but also pass on important wedding details to guests in a clear and concise manner.

Luxurious Purple Wedding Invitation Inspiration
From modern to vintage, classic to whimsical, purple wedding invitations can be easily customised to suit the nature of your wedding! Providing the perfect regal touch to your wedding invitations, you can opt to use a shade of purple that suits the unique wedding style that you’re after. If choosing a specific shade of purple is difficult, the unique and modern wedding look of purple ombre wedding invitations will surely do the trick!

Dazzle Guests with Silver Wedding Invitations
DreamDay-Image4Be it metallic, glitter or solid, silver adds the perfect touch of glitz and glam to your wedding invitations and works well as either the primary or secondary colour in your wedding palette . The versatility of silver is its greatest benefit, as silver wedding invitations work equally well for all seasons and wedding themes! For instance, winter wedding invitations can successfully team silver with an icy blue, while silver also makes a great addition to a modern colour palette alongside periwinkle and white for a summer wedding.

Elegant Black Wedding Invitations
A timeless and effortlessly elegant colour for your wedding invitations, black can be teamed with white for a classic wedding invitation that’s perfect for a formal wedding soiree, while it still works perfectly well alongside trendy and brighter colours like turquoise or purple for a contemporary wedding invitation that’s sure to impress!

Create a sophisticated look for a traditional wedding by teaming a black script font with an embossed design on an ivory, cream or white card stock.

(All images provided by author.)

dreamdayNicole Branch is a creative designer, artist and blogger, and spends her time finding new and fun ways to make life more interesting for herself and others. With a penchant for wedding planning, she regularly blogs for DreamDay Invitations.

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