Cool Ways to Extend Your Wedding Theme

11 Mar


Looking for ways to add a little wow factor to your day, or expand upon the theme for your wedding in a unique and memorable way? Sure, decorations and outfits are obvious, and Nicola Joseph from Inspired Design shares some wedding areas you might not have considered!

Having a theme for your wedding is a great way to make it stand out and feel a bit more memorable among all the other weddings that are likely happening around the same time. It can also help you to pay homage to some of your favourite things and to project your personality more onto the day. A theme could amount to simply a scheme (i.e. a colour scheme or dress code), or it could mean a nautical concept, Halloween or something a little more subtle like a ‘stargazing’ theme. I’ve even seen weddings where everyone wore wellingtons and snorkel masks!

But if you want to make sure your wedding theme really has an impact, then you need to find ways to express it and to lace it into the occasion. Just having a few decorations and costumes will turn your wedding into fancy dress rather than a real theme – for this to work, the devil is in the details.

Here’s how you can involve your theme in more exciting ways than simply adding fancy dress…

A guestbook doesn’t have to be a book at all, and in fact these days it’s a book less and less often. Instead, your guestbook could be an item or even several items for people to sign. One example I saw that was particularly exciting was pebbles – where the couple had a potted plant with lots of pebbles around it, and got each guest to sign one of the pebbles. Ideal for a beach theme! Alternatively if you are having a music-themed wedding then you could get your guests to sign your guitar or a CD case.


Invitations and Place Names
Stationery gives you a fantastic opportunity to be creative and to use a variety of interesting alternatives to the usual. Here you can decorate your invitations, save-the-dates and place names in keeping with your theme (and certainly at least the colour scheme) and you can get creative with the wording too. This will all help to create a cohesive feel and to really get people drawn into the spirit of the occasion. Most wedding invitation printers can help you with this.

Wedding Favours
Wedding favours are tiny gifts you give to your wedding party or everyone in attendance. Typically these will include things like seeds, small edible treats, or even something like packs of cards. This is another opportunity to allude to your theme. For instance if you were having a Halloween theme, then you could give skeleton key-rings, or spooky-themed snacks. Perhaps for an 1980s theme you could give away popular 80s action figures, or mix CDs of power ballads…

superhero-weddingAnother great opportunity to include your theme is in your playlist. This works better for some themes than others, but for a superhero themed wedding for instance you could get your DJ to play some classic superhero themes, or even some Saturday morning cartoon themes. You could even get a superhero tune playing in the background when the bride walks down the aisle (there are some great pictures of Superhero wedding themes on Google images for a little inspiration!).

It’s important your speeches be heartfelt, but why not also give them in character? It’s a fun way to stick to the theme and it will prove highly entertaining for your guests! Perhaps you could mimic the recently-famous best man speech from Sherlock, or throw in a few “arr, mateys” if you’re having a pirate theme…

All these methods will help to make your theme more pervasive and your day more memorable and fun. If you hadn’t already then, consider a theme and some of the fun ways you could make it happen!

SQ-Mink-Lace-11Nicola Joseph is a freelance blogger, currently writing for Inspired Design, leading suppliers of quality stationery products. She is great with graffiti and enjoys painting and craft. You can get in touch with Nicola via Twitter.

(First image from TB Dress0, second and fourth image provided by author, third image from Book That DJ.)

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