Baby, You’re a Firework!

29 Jan

Making a wedding day splash with pyrotechnics

fireworks picLast week I shared my experiences with our sparkler send-off. If you’re thinking about adding some  extra sparkle to your wedding day with fireworks, but aren’t sure what’s involved or where to start, look no further! Mary-Anne Lowe, Managing Director from wedding venues Bram Leigh and the Riverstone Winery Estate, returns to share her expertise on bringing pyrotechnics to your day.

My favourite movie of all time is My Best Friend’s Weddingstarring Julia Roberts. Who could resist dreaming of being in that wedding car surrounded by jaw-dropping fireworks as the newlyweds left for their happily ever after? The burst of colour in the evening sky was the perfect ending to a not-so-perfect wedding day. 

No surprises, but in the late 90s, when the movie was released, “pyrotechnics” were a very popular way to make a real impact moment at a wedding reception. However, this was somewhat of an unattainable extra for most couples and only pursued by those with much bigger budgets.

Fast forward two decades, and there has been a growing interest is the use of wedding pyrotechnics – something to light up the sky and put your personal stamp on your special day. There are a number of companies who provide professional pyrotechnic services to suit a wide range of tastes.

Whether you want to create a traditional display of fireworks, or want to have vibrant red and hot pink hearts burst into life in a dazzling display, the variety of what is available is mind blowing. Nothing adds more pizzazz and originality than having a personal pyrotechnics show designed specifically for the married couple. Your names can even light up the evening sky to put your own dazzling personal touch on your wedding day.

love-and-fireworksIf you are interested in having fireworks on your big day, the first thing you need to do is check if the reception centre that you have chosen for your party is happy to have pyrotechnics on their property. Once that is confirmed, you will need to engage a reputable pyrotechnics company that can not only design and set up the display, but also get the permits to make it all happen.

However, having pyrotechnics at your wedding is still an added luxury and will make a significant dent in your wedding budget. Also, while a personalized display is very special, this will add more cost compared to a standard fireworks show offered by a pyrotechnics company. The pyrotechnics should be only last for short time, perhaps five minutes, so that guests can enjoy the show and then get back into the eating and dancing.

The longer the show is, the heavier the cost. If the fireworks display is set to music, this will add more to the price-tag, especially if the song is personally selected by the bridal couple. If the reception centre has noise restrictions, low-noise fireworks are available and still very effective.

For those on a more modest budget, never fear: there is a suite of options bursting with colour and vibrancy. An indoor display may be an option that can include a multitude of coloured streamers, silver fountains bursting to life when the cake is cut, or cannons filled with slow-falling hearts for the bridal dance. These visuals add such a pop and wow factor that continue to be enjoyed by the bridal couple and guests.

Wedding Fireworks and fog DanceEven the most popular option of low-lying fog is a pyrotechnic… some DJs include fog machines, but you need to check that the fog is low lying and that they are licensed – you don’t want the room evacuated by fire alarms or smoke, or shut down by the authorities!

Last week, we again saw one of the popular options for pyrotechnics at the Bram Leigh reception venue. We have a magnificent driveway which sets the scene, and then we had cannons of silver fireworks fill the driveway, which took me back in time to that scene from My Best Friend’s Wedding.

What a sight and what a way to end a perfect event!

maryanneWith more than 15 years in the Australian bridal industry, Mary-Anne has the passion and dynamism that sees her as one of the leaders in the business.  Over her career, Mary-Anne has created and managed a venue decoration business and bridal expos. Mary-Anne Lowe is currently the Managing Director of two prestigious wedding venues, Riverstone Winery Estate and Bram Leigh. Mary-Anne Lowe has a string of bridal awards from the Australian Bridal Industry Awards that consolidate her presence in the bridal industry. You can also follow on Facebook. Also check out Melbourne Fireworks.

(Second image from Bridal Buds, third image from The Wedding Gurus, first and final images supplied by author.)

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