10 Reasons Why You Need a Wedding Planner

10 Dec

Profile picWith so many tasks to complete and so many suppliers and guests to keep track of in the lead-up to your wedding day, you may be wondering whether to enlist the services of a wedding planner. If you’re unsure of the cost or worried about compromising on your vision for the day, Jennifer Michael from Jennifer Michael Wedding & Events shares 10 reasons you should bring a planner on board.

1. Blowing out your wedding budget.
Weddings can cost a lot of money. When planning, excited brides and grooms often spend without having a budget… and then are shocked when all their money is spent and they haven’t even booked everything.

You may think this won’t be you. However, when sourcing suppliers, seeing stores, negotiating conditions and trying to plan your day’s timing, the budget can easily get messed up.

Planning a wedding is serious business. A wedding planner can help you make a budget and keep track of your expenditures so you won’t be walking naked down the aisle.

2. Messing up the paperwork.
Your “Notice of Intended Marriage”, or corresponding wedding legalities in your own country, are the most important item on the day. Without it, you will not be getting married.

Again, your wedding planner can remind you what needs to be completed by when, and how to make it efficient.

3. Ordering your wedding dress too late.
DressThe wedding gown can take longer than you expect. A couture wedding dress can take more than six months to be made or brought over from overseas. Even off-the-rack dresses need time, as there are usually alterations required. The same goes for bridesmaid dresses.

The planner can ensure you get your gowns in plenty of time, allow for time to shop around, and stick to budget.

4. Booking hotel rooms too late.
Couples often leave blocking out hotel rooms for out-of-town wedding guests until the last minute. This should be dealt with early, especially if your wedding is during a busy weekend or public holiday. Your planner can get some quotes for a few hotels. Then once you choose your preferred hotel, the planner can block a number of rooms to ensure that you have enough. This allows for guests who take a while to get back to you with what they require.

5. Inviting too many wedding guests.
Before you start looking at venues for your big day, you should decide on a rough number of guests you think you will invite, as this number will help you develop a budget and help you short list your venues. It’s always better to go bigger than smaller with your location; venues can’t just add tables.

Your planner again will guide you on what needs to be done first without leaving you anxious and not knowing where to start.

6. Underpaying invitation postage.
InvitationMany couples assume that invitations carry the same postage stamps as a letter. Most of the time, the envelopes for wedding invitations are thicker or larger, but couples just stick a regular stamp on their invites and drop the whole batch into a mailbox. Your wedding planner will ensure that the cost is factored in at the invitation meeting. Then, depending on your wedding planner, they can even stick on the stamps on to save you time and effort on that particular task.

7. Partaking in last-minute beauty treatments and crash diets.
With so many other things to prepare, brides often leave their beauty plans to last minute. They decide to have a facial the week of the wedding or they are tanned the day before the wedding. These are all dangerous decisions due to break-outs from a new facial or the wrong colour from the tanning.

Wedding planners will help you with all the planning so you’re not thinking of new tasks the week before the wedding. Wedding planners will also give you advice on when to do treatments – such as a facial, which should be done at least two weeks before the wedding, to allow for break-outs.

8. Ignoring religious restrictions.
Inappropriate attire for the church or temple may keep your celebrant from marrying you when the big day comes around. Take your religious restrictions seriously. To avoid any day-of disasters, be sure to meet with your celebrant as early as possible. Your house of worship may perform ceremonies only on specific days, so settle on a date with your clergyman before you start to book suppliers and put down deposits. You need to ask them many questions, such as whether you can write your own wedding vows, if you need to cover your shoulders, and if is secular music permitted. These are questions that your wedding planner can be sure to ask, so there are no hidden surprises on the day.

9. Trying to go it alone.
Some brides have dreamt of this day their whole lives, so they want to plan it all by themselves. I would highly recommend against that. Even if you don’t pick a planner, allow friends to help and delegate. There are so many decisions to make, which need to be made on time and within budget. If you feel bad asking friends or family to help you, hire a planner. You at least can then ask as much as you want without feeling guilty.

Bridge10. Finally, forgetting to focus on what’s important.
Keep in mind that you are getting married and starting a life together, not just planning a wedding. You both need to be good to each other, though some tension between the two of you is inevitable in preparations for the big day. When stress levels are high, tensions are high and fights can happen. Hire a planner! They can take all the stress away, update you on what needs to be completed and ensure you are still within budget – and this is all done with a smile!

Remember you can plan your whole wedding… however, to do it well, without stress and make sure you haven’t forgotten a detail, book a wedding planner. We can make sure everything happens and looks exactly how you want it.

jmnameJennifer Michael brings 15 years’ experience in marketing and event planning to Jennifer Michael Weddings & Events. Her past events include weddings, engagements, corporate functions, birthdays, school events, bar mitzvahs and fundraisers. Jennifer has earned a reputation as one of this country’s most sought after wedding planners, including being named Australian Bridal Industry Finalist for 2012. Jennifer and her team share a passion for creating amazing events from 10 to 1000 people. With their network of experienced and trusted suppliers, they can provide options to suit all budgets and styles and to guarantee an event that you will always remember. Visit their website or follow on Facebook and Twitter.

(All images supplied by author.)

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