How To Create a Celebrity-Inspired Wedding Without Breaking the Bank

4 Nov

WRLooking to add a little celeb flair to your nuptials? Here are a few tips on how to incorporate a touch of celebrity into your wedding without breaking the bank, from Rebecca Lau, bridal fashion expert and director of on-line bridal fashion boutique, White Runway.

When you think of celebrity weddings, you think of indulgence, glamour, perfection and a rockstar guest list. Apart from the guest list, a lot of the elements of a successful celebrity wedding can be achieved on a budget… and it’s easier than you think!

Firstly, recruit the services of an experienced and reputable wedding planner.
There is a misconception out there that wedding planners cost a bomb, but this is not necessarily the case. Wedding planners often have different packages to suit different budgets (some even do on-the-day packages) and you can always save a lot of money by gaining access to their industry rates and better deals with their preferred suppliers.

Wedding planners live and breathe weddings, so they know exactly how to create that perfect look and ensure that the wedding goes smoothly. Get a wedding planner to organize everything from the guest list to negotiating the best rates, the freshest flowers, the tastiest cakes and best bands for your wedding. For my own wedding, I’ve approached Bree Taylor from White Rabbit Projects to help me organize my wedding abroad.

A wedding can be a bit like a production – you want to ensure you have the best director managing the best team of actors, musicians and lighting crew.

Design-your-ownSecondly, who says customized gowns are only for the rich and famous?
And we’re not talking about finding a tailor who will cost the earth to recreate individual gowns for your special bridal party – innovations in e-tailing sites allow you the option of getting your wedding dress, bridesmaid dresses and shoes customized to suit your wedding theme, within your particular budget.

On-line bridal boutique has just launched a ‘Customise Your Own Dress’ service where they tailor-make dresses according to their customers’ specifications. You can customize everything from the particular colour of your dress to the length you’d like it, the sleeves, the size and the accompanying accessories such as belts. is another platform available where you can custom-design your own bridal shoe, in myriad materials, heel lengths and embellishments. A huge celebrity trend right now is to style your bridesmaids in cream and ivory colours, and with customizing options only a mouse click away, you too can emulate the colour-stories of A-list weddings like those of Kate Moss, Kate Middleton and Kim Kardashian.

Try the cream/ivory celebrity colour trend

Try the cream/ivory celebrity colour trend

Thirdly, consider having your wedding in low season to maximize your chances of securing a booking at an A-List, celebrity-inspired location.
Having a winter wedding can be romantic and it can help you secure that coveted venue at an affordable rate. A lot of venues and suppliers will often have cheaper rates during the cooler seasons so you can take advantage of this and secure a location that will wow your guests. A cooler wedding also means you can really glam it up in the style stakes with a faux fur cape over your wedding gown or little feather boleros for your bridal party. The groom and his groomsmen will also benefit from the cooler weather and will be able to stay nice and dry instead of soaking in sweat.

Finally, keep your location secret.
This is your ultimate touch of ‘celebrity’ and can add so much fun and excitement to your wedding.

The logistics of a secret location can be managed easily and cost-effectively, too. You or your wedding planner can send an SMS to all your RSVPed guests a couple of days before the wedding with the ‘secret location’ revealed. SMS programs are cheap and easy to purchase online, and with the hit of one button you can have all your SMSs sent out within a few minutes.

Rebecca Lau_OrangeRebecca Lau is the director of leading Australian, celebrity-inspired fashion site GOSH Celebrity Fashion and bridal-fashion site White Runway. White Runway has become one of the leading bridesmaid fashion sites in Australia, receiving the coveted  ‘Bridesmaid Designer of the Year’ award for 2013 from the national  ‘Wedding and Events of Australia’ organization. Rebecca has established herself as one of Australia’s leading bridal industry and fashion experts, providing comment in print, on-line and TV media on bridal fashion, wedding trends, bridesmaid traditions, bridal-fashion forecasts and celebrity bridal looks. Follow White Runway on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

(All images supplied by author.)

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  1. Online Women Footwear Store January 9, 2014 at 9:47 am #

    This blog post was absolutely fantastic. When I used to work in electroplating they sometimes encouraged us to write, but I could never come up with something as well written as that

  2. shela October 30, 2014 at 1:22 am #

    It’s amazing!The photos inspire me to want to have a wedding dress

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