Bridal Bouquet Factors

17 Jul

Jacqui 1Are you busy brainstorm- ing, mood boarding and pinning your ideas for your wedding day bouquets? Before you become too obsessed with a particular stem or achieving a certain scent, Jacqueline Gilchrist from FlowersNext shares this guest blog post on some flowery factors to think about when deciding on your wedding blooms.

Things to Consider When Choosing Your Big Day Bouquet
So you’re looking forward to planning your bridal bouquet and want to get hold of the best ideas. In this post I will share our tips for putting together your wedding bouquets, to help you in making the best floral decisions! The main factors that will determine the final arrangement of the bridal bouquets include the color scheme that has been adopted for the wedding, the type of flowers to be used, the bride’s physical appearance, the flowers available according to the season, and the amount of budget you can spare. (We’ve come a long way since earlier days when sweet-smelling flowers were used to cover up the body odor of a bride who wasn’t able to bathe on the wedding day!)

Jacqui 2 Color: There are no strict rules for selecting a color scheme for your flowers, as there are different trends and they tend to change over time. While some brides choose bouquet colors to tie into the overall color palette for their wedd- ing day, there are many brides who select elegant themes that are based on ivory or pure white shades. If you are seeking to achieve an elegant look with lighter tones, the flowers that fall under an elegant theme include freesia, gardenia, gladiolus, white lily, anemone, daisy, calla lily and rose. There are a good number of options to try, provided your florist has a creative streak and can have a sense of adventure with the overall theme.

Meaning: In the same manner, there are hundreds of flowers that depict different meanings, and certain flowers traditionally are not used for bridal bouquets. Lavender is thought to convey the message and feelings of distrust, and therefore is not so suitable for a wedding ceremony. Marigold is a flower used to represent grief and the yellow rose depicts jealousy, so these would also not fit well with the occasion. Those brides who are serious about different wedding traditions (and superstitions) might take the meanings of flowers into account, to select the right flowers for any meaning you want to get across on such an important day.

Jacqui 3

 Shape: The size, shape and color of the flowers must match with the physical appearance and overall look of the bride on that day. It is important to have a balanced look. A short female with a thin structure might look overwhelmed with a bulky bridal bouquet. A bride with a larger size might look strange holding a smaller bouquet. There are hund- reds of different bridal bouquet options to choose from. The posy or nosegay bouquet shape is a nice option for any tiny bride. In small hands a thin bouquet depicting different small flowers arranged to form a large flower will look good. For not-so-petite women, a larger and more elaborate bouquet will look best.

Dress: The shape of dress is another important issue. A fluffy dress must have a bigger bouquet to accompany it. For slender sheath gowns, smaller bouquets or a collection of just a few stems are perfect.

Season: When selecting the flowers for your bouquet it is easiest to choose among those that are readily available for your season and location, to ensure the best price and that your flowers can hold up in the weather expected for your special day. Seek advice from an experienced florist about your wedding day timing. There are many brides who prefer artificial silk flowers due to their lower cost, and that you don’t have to worry about wilting or seasonal availability.

Now you know the most important factors to take into consideration when choosing your bridal bouquets. Best of luck choosing your big day blooms!

flowersnext-logoJacqueline F. Gilchrist is a blogger at FlowersNext is an international flower shop through which you order bouquets and centerpieces for your big day, or send flowers to your loved ones.

(All images provided by guest blogger. First image from Emmaline Bride, second image from eHow, third image from Bridal Guide.)

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