Tips for Outdoor Weddings: Wind

10 Jul

WindWeather-proof Your Wedding Day: Part 3 – Wind
Are you planning an outdoor ceremony, cocktail hour or reception for your big day? An outdoor wedding can be absolutely spectacular, but it pays to be ready in case the weather turns sour. Tune in here if you missed the previous posts on dealing with rain and temperature.

For our nuptials, we had a beachside wedding and a forecast for storms the entire week before our big day! Luckily on the last two days, it downgraded to rain and then evening rain… and on the day itself, the downpour didn’t come until 1am. Phew! So, we did fully prepare for a wet wedding… only to have a windy wedding thrown at us.

Yes, temperature and precipitation are not the only weather worries you need to consider on your wedding day. Unless hurricanes are predicted for your big day, wind might not even be mentioned in the forecast, so make sure to pop your head outside the morning of the wedding to check the breeze. My father rang the morning of our wedding to warn us that the day was quite windy, and I didn’t really pay attention because my first thought was “Who cares, at least it’s not raining!” I didn’t think through the implications…

Hair: If you’re an outdoor bride, consider an up-do for your big day. Not only will ‘do-damage be minimized in the event of wind, but it will also make it more difficult for rain and humidity to wreak havoc with your hair. Also, whether enlisting a professional or taking hairdo matters into your own hands, if it’s a windy day go for an extra coat of hairspray. My neatly coiffed half-up/half- down hairstyle looked like a bird’s nest by the end of the ceremony, and there are many comical photographs from the ceremony of my bridesmaids – who have chin-length hair too short for an up-style – with their hair flying in all directions.

Microphone Microphones: If you are using microphones at your outdoor ceremony or reception for readings, speeches and the like, make sure the people using them know to hold the mic very close. The microphone should be touching their chin while they speak, and the handle angled upward to capture more sound from your voice. Everyone should also be reminded to speak loudly and clearly! The mic being less exposed to the elements will reduce those loud, flapping wind sounds in the mic that we had on our day. (As sound doesn’t carry as well outdoors as indoors, these are good tips even if the day is still.)

Veil: My waist-length veil survived the walk down the aisle, but as soon as I reached the front and turned to face my groom, the veil started billowing across my face between me and our guests. I remembered a friend who had the same problem at her wedding but spent the entire ceremony brushing it back until it eventually flew off her head, so I decided to ditch the veil then and there. The bridesmaid right behind me removed it and handed it to my parents in the front row… who for some reason right after the ceremony walked some distance to their car and put the veil there. As such I didn’t have my veil for the ceremony pictures or any of the reception, which isn’t exactly the worst thing in the world, but during my dress fittings I realized that I didn’t really feel like a bride until I put the veil in. My tip for outdoor brides: plan who will take out your veil in the event of wind (don’t do it yourself or you risk destroying your hairdo), who will look after it, and – most importantly – when and how they will get it back to you. Even better, skip the worry by skipping the traditional veil; opt for a birdcage veil or simply decorate your hair with bling or flowers.

Windy weddingLoose items: Batten down the hatches! Tuck serviettes under plates or weigh them down with decorative stones (or perhaps shells to fit the theme for a beach wedding). Also put weights on any tablecloths you may be using. If you are using paper or plastic cups, consider replacing them with more sturdy glass ones, so that they too don’t suddenly end up gone with the wind.

Have you been to a windy wedding? What tips and experiences do you have for breezy brides?

(First image from Lauren Chitwood Events, second image from Merle Dress, third image from Shaunaway.)

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