Interview with a Bride

22 May
Lyndzee and Dustin

Lyndzee and Dustin

Last time, we celebrated the 50th post on the Reflective Bride blog! As we reach that milestone, the Reflective Bride will move in a slightly new direction. As well as how-to guides and reflections on how we did our wedding planning and how that planning turned out, we will now add to the mix guest blog posts with advice from vendors in the wedding industry, plus interviews with real-life brides on their wedding planning highs and lows.

So let’s get started! This week we interview Lydnzee, from Oklahoma in the US, on her wedding preparations and how they all turned out… (All images are from their wedding day, taken by Lindy Taylor Photography and supplied by the bride.)

Tell us about you and your wedding.
My husband, Dustin 26, and I, 22, met in grade school, dated in junior high, and he proposed on his 25th birthday (October 2011). We live in a small town right outside of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. I design and produce weddings and events for our company Story Productions. Dustin works for a refrigeration company. Our wedding was held at 7 o’clock in the evening. We chose our family church for the location of the ceremony and then took the reception across the street to the Elks Lodge Ballroom. It was a celebration of close family and friends (80 guests). Through the planning process we would describe our wedding as elegant, traditional, and a family affair.

Lyndzee CakeHow was your wedding planning process?
We had a year and a half to plan, from October 2011 to our “Big Day” on April 13, 2013. Dustin and I knew what we wanted, and I’m thankful we were on the same page as far as style! I also wanted it to be perfect as it was going to be the most important event Story Productions had produced up to this point. We went through the entire process together and made sure each of us agreed on everything. We found it to be easiest to cross one thing off of our to-do list weekly. Two months out it was a task every other day, then everyday. Doing this made the process go more smoothly and when we were close to the wedding it was less stressful.

What wedding planning aspect was the most challenging?
The most challenging was getting all parents on the same page. I have two sets of parents, plus in-laws. At times they fought over duties, but at other times, they were nowhere to be found. Not to mention they all had their own ideas for what would make our day better.

What wedding planning aspect was easiest?
We love music, but don’t really have a “song”. The day we went to meet with our DJ to finalize everything, the first song that came on the radio was perfect!

Tell us about what went really well (or really badly!) on your wedding day.
We planned  the day so we had plently of time to take photos before the wedding (Dustin still didn’t see me in my dress though!). We had a complete hour before the ceremony started to just relax. Everything was ready to go. Making sure you start getting yourself ready early enough for the big day is essential to the day going smoothly. Also making sure you have a team to do the dirty stuff (tracking down the FOB and making sure centerpieces are good to go).

Lyndzee DressWhat would be your biggest piece of advice for other couples planning their weddings?
1.Don’t get carried away on “Pinning” a dream wedding on Pinterest. This your wedding! Most weddings on Pinterest are designed and set up by professionals, not the bride and groom. Don’t set the bar so high you get disappointed at the real event.
2. Don’t let crazy family members make YOU crazy.

Would you be interested in being interviewed about your wedding planning experiences, or contributing a guest blog post to Reflective Bride? Contact us!

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