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10 Apr

Reflections you may have missed…
guestblogHere are some Reflective Bride articles you might have missed in the last few months. These pieces did not appear on my blog, but were instead guest posts on the wedding websites Hitched and IDoToo. Check ‘em out!


Six Wedding Planning Lessons: My biggest learning points from planning a wedding!
Newlywed News: The top five things no one told me about being a newlywed.
Before: Wedding Weight Loss: Examining my motivations around exercise and eating to get myself shedding the pounds.
After: Wedding Weight Loss: I set out to lose 22 pounds / 10 kg before our wedding… find out how I went!

I Do Too
Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses: Why we skipped the bridemaid “clone” look at our wedding.
Artificial Wedding Flowers: We faked it on our wedding day!

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