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26 Dec

Reflections you may have missed…
TypewriterWhile we all take a little break over Christmas, here are some Reflective Bride articles you might have missed in the last few months. These pieces did not appear on my blog, but were instead guest posts on the wedding websites Weddzilla and IDoToo. Check ‘em out!


Theming: How we decided on the theme for our wedding day. As we dubbed it, “formal elegance”!
Color Scheming: Stuck figuring out the colors for your wedding? Find out how another couple went about it.

I Do Too
One Week to Go: My bride’s diary of all my thoughts and feelings seven days before the wedding. The countdown is on!
One Week After the Wedding: A postcard from the other side of the big day! What it’s like after the bouquet has been tossed, the couple has been posted, and the day is done.
Mini-moons and Honeymoons: Why the Reflective Groom and I decided to take a short honeymoon right after the wedding, ahead of our longer “official” honeymoon next year!

Enjoy! And Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all!

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