After: The Hairdo

28 Nov

Hairdo… and hairdon’t
Those who joined us last time for the “before” edition of my wedding hairstyle may recall that I at last settled on this wedding day ‘do. Now, find out how it all turned out!
My wedding day hairdo!
At The Trial
My wedding day hairdresser offers a free style trial as part of her service, so a week and a half before tying the knot I visited her salon armed with my inspira- tion board. The trial was so close to the big day because our wedding was on the opposite side of the world to where we live, and we only arrived there two weeks before for final preparations. However, the trial being so close to the wedding meant my hair was the same length and condition as it would be on the day, so the hairdresser could do a real hairdo rehearsal! The trial appointment was set for 4:30pm so that a bridesmaid could join after finishing work for the day, but I would rather have made the booking for midday (the approximate time my hair would be done on the actual wedding day) so that I could see if the hairstyle actually stayed intact until the wee hours of the night… as a wedding day hairdo needs to do!

I am sooo glad we had a trial-run. When the hairdo moved from theory to prac- tice, we noticed a problem: the three views in my inspiration board do not actu- ally show the exact same hairstyle, and that’s even though two are supposed to be the same ‘do seen in the mirror. No, seriously, look closely! On the left the hair volume is mostly at the top of the head rather than being all the way around like in the second and third view (which we guessed might be from a hair trial). And in the far right version the curls at the back are clearly on her neck and shoulders, and there is also a braid on the left – not so in the middle picture on for either of those points! What kind of crazy mirror is that?! To compromise between the different versions of the hairstyle we decided on no braid, volume all around the head and not just on top, and that the back of the hair should look like the version in the far right but with the twist and curls starting an inch higher so that the hair would be off my neck (and not make me too warm and itchy).


Post-hair trial… a bit of a bird’s nest at the back!

The hairdresser began working her magic, including trimming my fringe so that the soft waves framing my face would be the correct length. The practice went fairly well, and I mon- itored its staying power for the rest of the evening. I even danced about the house in order to properly test its structural integrity (or… something :P). The next day I sent the hair- dresser feedback via email on how it turned out, so that we had it written down ahead of the wedding day app- ointment. My feedback, overall, was “make it more like the picture”: tighter curls at the back, the curls finishing at the same height, and more volume all around the head. The section of hair framing my face on the left side also went completely flat pretty much as soon as I left the salon, so we made note of that.

On The Day
At my hairdresser’s request, I washed my hair the night before, so it would be clean but with a little bit oil – apparently that makes it easier to style. (Ah, the things you learn during wedding planning.) I and my three bridesmaids got ready together at the hotel hosting the wedding reception and the hairdresser and make-up artist came to us came to us as part of their mobile services. I arrived last, after the girls had already started. The fabul-ification process was happen- ing on the balcony, which I realised was great for the make-up artist (who likes to work her wonders in natural light) and gave us a nice view while we got ready. However, one consequence of sitting outside was not being in front of a mirror; I didn’t see the progress of my hairstyle until the hairdresser was completely fin- ished and we went inside for the grand unveiling! In the mirror, the fringe at the front looked great and the curls at the back were tighter spirals as I’d hoped… but there was no volume at all to my hair, and the curls at the back came out all different lengths and looked untidy. The hairdresser pinned up a few of the curls so they all fell to the same length, but nothing could be done now about the volume of the hair. I was a little disappointed as adding volume was one way I’d tried to make my wedding day ‘do different from how I wear my locks every day, and I hadn’t wanted my hair to look messy in photos that would last a lifetime.

Fresh from the hairdresser!

While we were getting ready my father had called to give me a weather update, ahead of our outdoor ceremony; it was all blue skies and sunshine, but – he warned me – it looked like it would be very windy. We pinned back the ends of my fringe for better resistance. And windy it was! It was hardly hurricane levels, but the consistent gusts of wind flapped our canopy about, made lots of noise into the microphones, and meant that I had to ditch my billowy waist-length veil as soon as I reached the alter. I had been so worried about rain on the wedding day that I hadn’t thought at all about other outdoor hazards like wind… and I certainly hadn’t thought about what it might do to my hairstyle. The first thing it did was blow around the sections of hair framing me face, so that I spent most of the ceremony tucking the wayward hair behind an ear: meaning that delicately-crafted waves at the front were not delicate for very long and there’s quite a few wedding pictures with me elbows up and pushing hair out of my face. (Actually we have several amusing photos of guests’ hair flying about in all directions.) The curls at the back of the hairstyle also ended up even more untidy, again coming as different lengths with the curls losing their tight- ness. Sigh! All was not completely lost though: several guests complimented me on my hairstyle at the wedding, so I guess (hope?) it still looked mostly okay!

My wind-tousled tresses just before the reception

Take note, brides! Lesson learned: on the wedding day, get your hair (and make-up!) done in front of a mirror, so you can see it and give feedback before it’s finished. I loved the uniqueness and femininity of the hairstyle I chose (and it was absolutely gorgeous until I got out- side), but if I could do it over, I would go for more of a pulled back up-do… not to mention a bucket load of hairspray. It was just so distracting (for me and poss- ibly the guests) with my fringe blowing in my face the whole ceremony and me constantly pushing it back, and the loose curls at the back getting battered by the wind did mean it looked messier than I would have liked.

How did your wedding day hairdo turn out? Did you have anything unexpected that impacted it? Would you choose a different hairstyle if you could do it over?

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