Before: 3 Days to Go

21 Oct

The final seven days: Bride’s diary of the wedding home stretch

A helping hand from Dad saves the Reflective Bride’s sanity

A little late to the count- down party? Read all about what happened yesterday, and then join in T – 3 days to the Reflective wedding, in this special series on what really happened for one bride in the final week before the big day.

T – 3 days… Wednesday
I wake up before my groom, and head out to the computer to work on the tasks I missed last night during the long family dinner. On my way to compute, I run into my dad eating breakfast, who greets me cheerily, “Good morning! How are you today?” I sigh, and answer honestly (and groggily): “Stressed.” I summarize the events of the day before, and my general feeling of being overwhelmed and having too much to do. He asks what I need help with. Inwardly, I rejoice – since arriving for the wedding, no one has asked us if we need a hand with anything. I say that we need to distribute welcome letters to guests’ hotels, track down large golf umbrellas to cover the bridal party in case of the expected rainy weather, and that if I can’t find the hoop for my wedding gown we will have to drive to a shop 40 minutes a way to find a new one. My dad says that he will go and shop for umbrellas while I write up which envelopes have to go to which hotel. And he is back an hour later with the needed umbrellas. Success! He quite simply found them at the supermarket, which makes me feel a bit silly. After a snack, my father heads out with the envelopes, while I search for my hoop. It takes 10 minutes of searching, but – again – great success! Of course, I put it in a Very Clever Place: my wedding gown’s dress bag. Dad returns from distributing all the envelopes (with only minimal grumbling from the receptionists), and as it took him two hours to do it is a huge relief that he was able to take over that task for us. I start to feel more positive about all things wedding.

Some pre-wedding beachside relaxation. Ahhhh…

My jetlagged groom awakens and I update him on my dad’s efforts. My fiancé suggests that now we’ve gained a little time, we should try to fit in that relaxation that we have craved for these final days of wedding preparation, so we head for a frolic at the beach and breakfast over- looking the river. Bliss! It’s so nice to just have some alone time, without tasks to stress over. On the way back from our outing, we stop by the supermarket and liquor store, to stock up on snacks and beverages for our wedding after-party.

At home over lunch, my father suggests that we invite my fiancé’s family over for afternoon coffee. My mother, who is not very social and even more of a stress-ball than me (even without a wedding fast approaching), baulks at this suggestion. Sigh. Around this time I send an email to the reservations manager at our reception venue, a resort where most of the guests are staying, to let them know that we’ve now dropped off the welcome letters. I again try to telephone our DJ to confirm he has received the song requests from us (and confirm isn’t MIA), and my fiancé and I start to worry. It’s very strange for the DJ not to answer either his business or mobile phone for two whole days, especially when we’ve left (rather desperate) voicemail messages, and not to answer email for 10 days. There is only a postbox address on his website. Could he have been in an accident? How would we know? What if we don’t hear from him before the wedding and he doesn’t turn up? We wouldn’t know of his absence until we arrive for the reception, and then we’d have no music (the most essential party ingredient!). We wonder if we should look for other DJs and the financial repercussions of doing so, but decide to leave that until tomorrow… surely our DJ hasn’t just dropped off the face of the earth?

Oh yeah, that’s totes how the Reflective Groom and I were dancing.

The Reflective Groom and I at last fit in a few more rounds of first dance prac- tice, and it’s a monumental improvement since our previous rehearsal on Monday! We’re much smoother with our move- ments, bang-on with timing, and the soles of our shoes are more scuffed up and we can now spin a little better. Later that afternoon my father suggests to my mother that since they have a tradition of going out for dinner on Wednesday evenings, how about we simply invite my fiancé’s family to join them? She agrees (to our relief) and we extend the invitation to his family. My local bridesmaid stops by to drop off the photo frames she has been DIYing for me – all different frames painted white for showcasing our wedding reception seating plan. They look fantastic! She has done great work.

Both the families meet for a dinner out at 6pm, and it’s really lovely: those who have met before hug each other hello and swap anecdotes since last time, and the newcomers are introduced to each other. My fiancé’s grandmother presents my mother with a gift, to her delight, and we all enjoy the meal together. Afterwards, my father invites everyone back to the family home for dessert (much to the surprise – and joy! – of the Reflective Groom and me). My sister drops by the supermarket on the way home to pick up some treats. At home, my fiancé’s family get the grand tour of the house as we set up for socializing. It’s a really great atmosphere, and I make me best efforts to be cheery, after my sourpuss performance the previous evening with my in-laws-to-be. The conversation flows well and we all take pictures together.

Once again, the evening is a write-off for completing more wedding tasks, but tonight I don’t mind at all! Today, I feel much more positive, prepared and supported… everything is going to be fine. 🙂

Same Bat time, same Bat channel for tomorrow… 2 days to go!

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