Before: 4 Days to Go

20 Oct

The final seven days: Bride’s diary of the wedding home stretch

Day 3 of no appetite…

Join us as we peek into the Reflective Bride’s journal in the final week before her wedding. Catch up on all the excitement of 5 days to go. Now it’s just 4 days left – hmm, dear diary…

T – 4 days… TuesdayToday is a day for things not going right. The weather forecast (thankfully) no longer has storms for our Saturday wedding, but still expects rain all day. We really don’t want to have to use our wet-weather back-up venue, as our beachside ceremony spot is so lovely, so we wonder what we can do about it. In a new stress, I realize I don’t remember seeing the hoop for my wedding dress since I arrived. Its absence will make dancing trickier, and means the gown hem will be too long, as it was altered for use with a hoop. It also dawns on me that I haven’t heard back from our DJ since sending him our song request list and announcement script more than a week ago. There’s no pick-up on his business or mobile number, so I send an email following up. Today, I don’t eat lunch at all, as I’m just not hungry. We have a 4pm pre-wedding photo shoot with our photographer, which was free as part of our wedding photography package. As our ceremony officiate lives in the same neighborhood, we schedule to visit her half an hour beforehand, to go over last details and present my fiancé’s birth certificate for her paperwork. We start dolling ourselves up at 2pm, and I make the apparent mistake of putting on my outfit last after doing my hair and make-up. Although I had my new gray dress altered just half a week ago (because it was too big on me), when I finally put on the frock, it’s massive! It seems I have lost weight (no doubt from stress) since last Thursday when I picked it up from the seamstress, and now I look like a big gray jellyfish. I feel so upset, because I bought the outfit specially for the photo shoot and our welcome drinks event later in the week… and because now I’m going to look completely awful in our professional photos. Also, the shoes I bought for the dress don’t match it at all! I try on another dress, but it’s too formal compared to my fiancé’s outfit, and while I have another dress that looks very flattering on me the pattern is too busy for being photographed. My fiancé gives an exhausted sigh and tells me the gray dress looks fine, so we head out.

Frolicking in the grass fields! (From Polka Dot Bride)

The officiate visit is as expected, and at the engagement shoot our photographer takes us to a field of long grass for some romantic happy snaps. It’s a little strange at first to be kissing (or “almost kissing” for sustained periods) in front of a stranger, but we get used to it and enjoy the experience. The photographer tells us more about his techniques and we get accustomed to his style, then after the shoot we discuss the kinds of photos we get on the wedding day. My fiancé’s family arrives in my hometown that day, and on our way from the photographer they telephone us to arrange a dinner together that evening. I call my parents to let them know our change of plans, and that the groom and I will be home in an hour or two. We meet his family at the beach, both assuming that we would all eat nearby, but his family wants to show us their rental apartment on the other side of town before going to dinner. On the way there, his parents decide they need to do grocery shopping, so we point them to a supermarket while we continue the rest of the way to the apartment with my fiancé’s brother. We check out their digs… and then wait half an hour for the shoppers to return. I find myself drumming my fingers on the table. Once home, they want to hang up washing and put on another load, andmake snacks before we head out to dinner. I’m starving and starting to get tired, but I don’t want to slow the process down any further by joining in the snacks; it’s already been one hour since I tele- phoned my parents.

The stress meltdown begins…

We finally go to a local restaurant I recommend… but we’re the only custom- ers, and the restaurant doesn’t even have enough staff to handle us. After ordering we wait more than 45 minutes for our meal to arrive. I start realizing how late we’re going to be home, and that we won’t have much time for the first dance practice and speech run-throughs that we’d planned for tonight. I feel relieved when everyone finishes their main meal, so that my fiancé and I can head back and get cracking on things. Unfortunately, everyone else decides they want dessert. Guh! As I’m watching my weight, I skip it… which makes it all the more frustrating when it takes another 45 minutes for desserts to appear. I feel so tired and stressed that I’m close to tears for the rest of the meal. In my head I’m thinking “What’s wrong with everyone? Don’t they realise we have tons of stuff to do? Why are they holding us up like this?” When dessert finally ends, my fiancé and I make a break for it. I think that he feels as irritated as me, but once home he reveals that he simply saw how frus- trated I was and it kind of ruined his mood for the evening, so he just wanted to leave. Now as well as tired and stressed, I feel guilty – and I finally burst into tears. My fiancé lets me sob a we go to sleep and gives me a reassuring cuddle, but it just makes me feel worse. This is not how I wanted the days before the wedding to be, I tell him. I didn’t want to be That Bride. I wanted these final days to be a romantic and relaxing time for us, and now I just want the whole wedding to be over.

Will our fair heroine survive the final three days of wedding preparation? Come back tomorrow for T – 3 days to the Reflective nuptials!

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