Before: 5 Days to Go

19 Oct

Finishing touches on the bouquet!

The final seven days: Bride’s diary of the wedding home stretch
Just tuning in? Catch up on yesterday’s post on T – 6 days until the big day, as we count down the final week of wedding preparations. 

T – 5 days… Monday
My grandmother takes me, my sister and fiancé out for breakfast (gran is very excited to see him again!). When we drop her back at her house afterwards, she presents me with the brooch I will attach to my flower bouquet as my “something old”, which her grandmother wore on her own wedding day. She also presents us with a rather substantial cheque as a wedding gift, and writes another one for the cost of our wedding cake, which she long ago offered to pay for.

Today is a day for errands! My groom and I make site visits to our ceremony and reception venues in the morning. At our beachside ceremony spot, we are both shocked at how the grove that was once green, lush and secluded has become dry, sandy and exposed. There’s nothing we can do about it now, and we concede that none of the guests will know how it was supposed to look… so they won’t know what they’re missing! At the reception venue we see the reception room and I point out particular things I discussed with their function manager last week. We come up with more questions for the manager, about the placement of the bridal table, how to bring out the cake stands and such. I only eat a yoghurt for lunch as I’m not very hungry.

It’s DIY time!

In the afternoon, my groom folds guest welcome letters and maps of my home town, and stuffs them into envelopes for distribution on Wednesday. I meanwhile cut out our homemade name cards, table names and seating plans. We sit together at the dining room table, and I remember that I’d always imagined these tasks as a working bee, with my family and local friends all laughing and bonding together over arts and crafts. However, no one volunteers to help or even asks what we’re doing, and we don’t feel comfortable asking people to assist. My fiancé and I amuse ourselves by taking photos of our work process. I later make a telephone call to find out if there are any bookings of our beachside ceremony site immediately before or after ours, as the fear that a ceremony before us runs over time has been keeping me up at night! In good news, there are no other bookings of our site all day! And of the other five ceremony sites around ours, only one is booked at the same time as our ceremony, and a fair distance away! So much cause for exclamation marks!!! This is a huge relief, and really the best outcome we could have hoped for… considering our nuptials are taking place in wedding high season (er, whoops).

That evening I find waiting in the wedding email account several messages that stress me out a little: one guest wondering if it’s too late to book a spot on the mini-bus for her and her husband (yes, as we asked everyone about that ages ago and finalized the number of bus trips two weeks ago… luckily there are in fact three spots left on the bus), one guest apologizing that she completely forgot my hen’s night because she thought it was this coming weekend and the wedding the weekend after (dubious, but I reply politely and cheerily), and my interstate aunt saying that she and my uncle will stop by my parents’ house on Friday after lunch to see us. This makes me feel very anxious, as Friday afternoon is already looking hectic. We already have a bridal party lunch, and then must check into our hotel and set up the reception room, before (hopefully) having a relaxing evening to ourselves – and before all that we still need to schedule a meet up with our ceremony coordinator. I start to feel overwhelmed, and that there’s so much to do and that we won’t be able to fit everything in before the wedding. To top things off, there is a massive storm that evening and the weather forecast says that there’s going to be a big thunderstorm on Saturday afternoon – not great news for our outdoor ceremony. *Weeps*

The Reflective Groom and I resume rehearsals of our first dance later that night. Despite practising for the first time in two weeks, we remember all the steps, even if the overall performance needs some polish. Fred and Ginger over heeeere!

See y’all back here tomorrow for 4 days to go!

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