Before: 6 Days to Go

18 Oct

The final seven days: Bride’s diary of the wedding home stretch
Read the first-hand highs and lows of a bride in the final week of wedding preparation. Catch yesterday’s diary blog post of T – 7 days to tying the knot, or read on for…

T – 6 days… Sunday
The Reflective Groom and I take a long sleep-in after last night’s bachelorette party (and after the long flight for him), before scrambling to pack our suitcases and exit the hotel room by check-out time. I feel very proud of myself (dare I say smug?) for getting around to see all of the hens and chat with everyone at the previous night’s party. My fiancé and I have scheduled today a meeting with our wedding MC, an old college friend of mine, who picks us up from our hotel and drives us to one of his favorite breakfast places. Together we discuss All Things Toastmaster: logistics to announce, material for speech-giver introductions, and what jokes are too unsavory for an audience containing grandmothers and colleagues. It’s great to catch up with him, and I remember right away why we thought he’d be a great choice for the role of MC! After our meeting, my fiancé and I drive two hours to my parents’ house in my hometown, where the wedding will take place. We stop for lunch, but I don’t have much of an appetite and there are very few things I feel like eating. Once home, we get the groom re-acquainted with my family, before getting him unpacked and settled in. I am relieved to see that the giant sparklers we ordered online for our grand wedding exit have arrived while I was away. In the afternoon my fiancé and I cruise around to local decorator and discount stores to look for wedding accessories, especially for our ceremony refreshments table and reception cake table: peanuts, candleholders, vintage milk bottles and cute apothecary jars, for the win!

Feeling guilty…

Back at the house after shopping, I send an email to all the hens to thank them for a wonderful night, and to thank the brides- maids for all their hard work putting it together. Before the bachelorette party, I had decided to focus my mingling efforts on chatting to people who weren’t coming to many other wedding events, and who I wouldn’t otherwise see much during the trip. I realize now that despite getting around to see everyone at the hens night and chat with them briefly, I only caught up properly with three of the girls – and virtually ignored all night my bridesmaids, sister and a close friend giving a reading at the ceremony (since I would have other opportunities to see them). I am so struck with guilt over it that I feel completely nauseated the rest of the day, especially since all those girls were helping out a lot, and had driven or flown a few hours to join the hens night. It was a lesson in the importance of really getting around to talk to everyone, and a good lesson to learn ahead of the hectic wedding day. I send an email to those ladies profusely apologizing for my social faux pas, and make arrangements to catch up with them at different points during the week. One bridesmaid says not to worry, as we already spent a lot of time together at her overnight birthday bash the weekend before. A big sigh of relief as we put Sunday to bed!

Tomorrow: 5 days to go!

(Pictures from Seattle Wedding DJ and Utterly Cute.)

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