Before: 7 Days To Go

17 Oct

The final seven days: Bride’s diary of the wedding home stretch

The Reflective Bride and Groom, re-united at last!

In two recent guest blog posts, I shared first hand my bridal concerns, feelings and rants exactly one week before and one week after the wedding day. Those were snapshots of a stressed and elated (respectively) “bride in still life”. But if you’re wondering what really happened and what it really felt like for one bride in those seven final days leading up to the wedding, join in my posts for the next seven days as we count down (again) to the wedding day…

T – 7 days… Saturday
My fiancé is foreign and we live in his country, on the other side of the world to my home country, where the wedding is taking place. I have arrived in my home country before him (as he couldn’t take as much time off work) to spend extra time with family and friends… and today is the day he arrives, at last! At 8am I pick him up from the airport train with kisses and hugs, and get him checked into our accommodation. We catch up over the hotel breakfast buffet, and – as we’re both trying to lose weight before the wedding – we also hit the hotel gym on the top floor. Treadmill with a view!

At last, bachelorette party dancing!

Back in the room at midday, he settles in to sleep off his jetlag… while I get ready for my (second) bachelorette party! My first hen’s night, in my fiancé’s country, was a surprise event and much more casual – so I get myself well and truly dolled up for the sequel tonight! The hens meet up for lunch, and it’s so fantastic to see all these girls again! It’s difficult to stay in contact when I’m only in my home country once every 18 months, and just amazing to catch up. My fellow hens dress me up in a veil, bunny ears and pouffy tail, bowtie, badges and two bridal sashes (even one that lights up!), before we head to a burlesque dance class. It’s a fantastic class, with a nice pace for chatting to each other and having drinks at the bar downstairs, and no need to rush through the routines like we’re on a bachelorette assembly line. It’s also a fantastic activity for a bachelorette party, as they provide corsets and feather boas galore! After the class we head to a hip lounge for dinner, and play lots of bachelorette games while waiting for our order. I’m feeling a lot of love for my bridesmaids, as they’ve put so much work into everything! Goody bags for all the hens, themed stationery, interviews with my husband-to-be… After dinner we head to a trendy club and then dancing – what I’ve been waiting to do all along at my hen’s night!

Our surprise from the hotel!

I head back to the accommodation, walking there with a recently married hen, and we share our stories of pre-wedding stress and family politics. Back at the hotel, I discover that reception has surprised my fiancé and I with a bottle of sparkling white wine and strawberries dipped in chocolate! I think while swapping pleasantries on checking in, I mentioned that we were getting married next weekend. Such a lovely gesture from our accommodation, and such a nice way for my fiancé and I to end our first evening together again.

Tune in tomorrow for the adventures of T – 6 days until the wedding!

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