Buying an Engagement Ring

20 Nov

Buying an engagement ring is a huge occasion for couples. If the one proposing is planning to choose a ring themselves, especially for surprise engagements, this can be a bit of a daunting task! Loyes Diamonds guest blogs this week with an infographic featuring advice on how to navigate the waters of engagement ring selection! Continue reading

Before and After: Guest Transport

13 Nov

Double-Decker-BusLast week we shared the ins and outs of how the Reflective Couple settled on their wedding day transport for the bridal party, and how it all turned out. This time we tackle the next topic in big day transportation: shuttling around your wedding guests. Guest transport might not be something you need for your own nuptials, but here’s why it became a consideration for us. Continue reading

Before and After: Bridal Party Transport

5 Nov

red-trolleyTwo weeks ago, Echo Limousine guest blogged with advice on choosing your wedding day transport, and I wanted to share my first-hand experience on how this went at the Reflective Wedding and – of course – how it turned out. Their article struck a cord with me, because as they mentioned the transportation decision is one that often gets put off until the last minute… and that was certainly the case with us! We, too, were caught up in the fun of designing wedding cakes, choosing menus and compiling reception playlists to worry about booking transport. But that wasn’t the only reason we let things slide… Continue reading

Who Should Give You Away On Your Wedding Day?

29 Oct

Father, step-father, both your parents, a friend, or no one at all? If you’re debating who, if anyone, will “give you away” on your wedding day, Peter Edwards Photography in Australia contributes this week an infographic to help you decide who will walk you down the aisle. The graphic looks at the tradition of a father giving his daughter away, explains how it came to be and also, offers alternative options available to brides. Continue reading

Wedding Transport Tips

23 Oct

Transport 2Ready to book your wedding-day transport for you and your guests… or putting off because there are more important to-do tasks at the top of the list? Mircea Stanescu from Echo Limousine in Chicago guest blogs this week with advice on where to start, factors to consider, and tips on saving a little money in your big-day budget.

While planning a wedding, it is usually transportation that tends to get overlooked and left forgotten. The bride and groom spend most of their time and energy focusing on booking the venue and hiring a caterer, and often leave the wedding transportation arrangements until the last minute – and it is usually the last =-minute decisions that bring on the stress. But with careful planning, arranging transportation for your wedding day can be easy and fruitful. Continue reading

Choosing Wedding China

17 Oct

couple-shopping-glassware-590kb081110In last week’s blog post we delved into whether china might be something you feel you want (or need) to add to your wedding gift registry. This week, now that you’ve possibly decided to tableware it up to the max, we’ll take a look at how to go about choosing the right china set for you. Once again, this is simply my advice as a recent bride who’s had to go through this experience herself; for more (actual!) expertise, you should consult your local store. Continue reading

Choosing Wedding China

8 Oct

Gold-Wedding-China-600x400This week the Reflective Groom and I hosted my in-laws for dinner and served the feast on the china we posted on our wedding gift registry – leading to me reminiscing about the process of deciding whether or not we would put china on our registry, and then which style to choose. We struggled with the decision and weren’t really sure how to go about, so I thought I’d share my layman’s experiences and first-hand advice on where to start. Continue reading


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