How to Mail Wedding Invitations Without a Hitch

2 Sep


Settled on your wedding invitation design, but wondering how to put all that stationery together and make sure the sending goes as smoothly as possible? Bryan Passanisi from Shutterfly guest blogs this week with his tips.

After spending all that time, money and effort to come up with the perfect invitation for your big day, there is nothing worse than realizing that your invitations were damaged or didn’t make it out on time. To avoid these common traps, couples can take the following steps to ensure that they have done all within their power to ensure that their invites get where they are intended to be at the proper time. Continue reading

5 Ideas for a Bachelorette Night In

27 Aug

1 HenHen parties offer the best way to wave goodbye to the unmarried lifestyle and welcome the marital era of your life by having fun with your best friends. Still, planning a pitch-perfect hen party calls for some skills, inspiration and ingenuity, which is why we have a few trendy ideas for a fun bachelorette party setting right here – so keep reading if you want to throw a fabulous hen party you and your friends will remember for the rest of your lives. Continue reading

The Wedding Theme vs Motif

5 Aug

james_hill_library_wedding_reception_25When I first started out planning my own nuptials, I was very sceptical to the concept of themed weddings. Perhaps from watching “27 Dresses” approximately 27 times, I had gotten it into my head that introducing a theme to one’s big day meant over-the-top-ness the likes of “Gone With the Wind” hairdos, underwater vows or skimpy hot-pink dresses. Theme wise, there just wasn’t some common interest so important to my groom and me that we felt the most important day of our lives should revolve around it. Sure we both loved “Forrest Gump”, but that didn’t mean we needed to incorporate feathers into our festivities or vow to be each other’s peas and carrots. Continue reading

What to Wear to a Wedding

29 Jul

When you are invited to a wedding you will of course want to dress stylishly – but also appropriately, so that you fit in with the couple’s vision for the day and don’t cause any offence. However, it can sometimes be challenging to know what you should wear when attending a wedding. You want to look very smart and put together, but it’s important not to upstage the wedding dress or bridesmaid dresses with your outfit. Some invitations will spell out or give you hints about the theme or dress code of the wedding; if not, check out this guide from Hong Kong wedding planner Elle Chui to help you decide.

Dress Code Continue reading

Stress Free Wedding Planning 101

22 Jul

Although it involves getting ready for the happiest day of your life, planning a wedding can be a very stressful time. Part of this stress is caused by taking on too much work yourself, and not planning things clearly from the start can cause the workload to pile up. Planning a stress-free wedding involves getting as much help as you can, and ensuring you are as organized as possible. Continue reading

My Adventures as an Absent Bridesmaid

2 Jul

Blush-Bridesmaid-DressesIn May last year, I was back in my home country (on the other side of the world to where I live with my husband in his country) to visit family and friends. As part of my grand tour of catching up, we met with two good friends from university, who had hooked up long after our campus days and were newly engaged to be married. We chatted and laughed over coffees, and they updated us on some of their wedding plans: their idea to have a decorative stack of cheese wheels instead of a traditional wedding cake, booking a photo booth (although their popularity for weddings was on the rise, I was yet to experience one!), and that another good friend of ours from university was even becoming ordained as a celebrant just so she could marry the two of them. So much fun!

After our cafe jaunt, we headed to a group picnic with a larger group of friends from college. Later, when everyone was heading home, the bride pulled me discretely aside and said with a smile, “Um, I didn’t want to ask in front of everyone, but I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about who I want to be part of my wedding, and who would be in my big-day posse. And I wondered if you would be one of my bridesmaids!” Continue reading

How to Find a Unique Vintage Engagement Ring

25 Jun

1 (2)Wondering whether to go vintage with your choice of engagement or wedding ring? Andrea Taylor from the jewellers Trumpet & Horn guest writes this week with advice on how to find the perfect ring with a classic twist.

An engagement ring is one of the most important purchases someone will make in their lifetime. While the monetary price associated with the ring needs to be considered, there is so much more to the decision than just that. An engagement ring is a reflection of the woman who wears it, so she is going to want something that is true to her style, as well as her individual personality. While every woman is unique, the same cannot be said about every engagement ring. Continue reading


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