Wedding Transport Tips

23 Oct

Transport 2Ready to book your wedding-day transport for you and your guests… or putting off because there are more important to-do tasks at the top of the list? Mircea Stanescu from Echo Limousine in Chicago guest blogs this week with advice on where to start, factors to consider, and tips on saving a little money in your big-day budget.

While planning a wedding, it is usually transportation that tends to get overlooked and left forgotten. The bride and groom spend most of their time and energy focusing on booking the venue and hiring a caterer, and often leave the wedding transportation arrangements until the last minute – and it is usually the last =-minute decisions that bring on the stress. But with careful planning, arranging transportation for your wedding day can be easy and fruitful. Continue reading

Choosing Wedding China

17 Oct

couple-shopping-glassware-590kb081110In last week’s blog post we delved into whether china might be something you feel you want (or need) to add to your wedding gift registry. This week, now that you’ve possibly decided to tableware it up to the max, we’ll take a look at how to go about choosing the right china set for you. Once again, this is simply my advice as a recent bride who’s had to go through this experience herself; for more (actual!) expertise, you should consult your local store. Continue reading

Choosing Wedding China

8 Oct

Gold-Wedding-China-600x400This week the Reflective Groom and I hosted my in-laws for dinner and served the feast on the china we posted on our wedding gift registry – leading to me reminiscing about the process of deciding whether or not we would put china on our registry, and then which style to choose. We struggled with the decision and weren’t really sure how to go about, so I thought I’d share my layman’s experiences and first-hand advice on where to start. Continue reading

Creating Your Wedding Guest List With Minimum Conflict

1 Oct


Ah, the guest list. One of the earlier tasks you need to tackle with your wedding preparations, tying in with your budget and venue selection, managing the guest list can be tricky as you and your partner decide who will be celebrating your special day with you. Birando USA guest blogs this week with advice on prioritizing (and sometimes placating) your guests, and considering children and +1s on your guest list. Continue reading

It’s An Invite, So Make It Inviting

27 Sep

Invitation 1If you’re feeling torn between following the traditional guidelines for writing and designing your wedding invitations, and trying to add some fun and personality to your big-day stationery, check out this advice from guest blogger Nicole Abrahams from Pure Invitation.

Everyone has received wedding invites… and many a time they are on old-looking paper and worded with all the warmth and passion of a summons for jury duty. Why some of the most interesting folks in the world turn stilted and impersonal in the process of announcing their wedding day is hard to fathom. Continue reading

Planning Your Wedding Gift Registry

17 Sep

wedding-registryWondering where to start with planning the gift registry for your wedding and what to include in it? Freelance writer Luke Sky guest blogs this week with advice on finding the perfect gifting options for you and your guests. Continue reading

A Guy’s Guide to Buying an Engagement Ring

11 Sep

We recently shared tips on how to propose, and this week Gear Jewellers Dublin shares an infographic on how to find an engagement ring. Owner Jeff Gear writes that they often deal with men who become overwhelmed and stressed by the responsibility of picking that perfect ring. Their advice this week explores more than traditional jewellery finding tips. From before he even steps into a jewellers, to long after the proposal, the infographic provides simple, straight-forward advice on choosing the perfect engagement ring. Whether you choose a traditional diamond or an unusual gemstone, if you’re splashing out or being frugal, if you’re popping the question to a special man or a special lady, the Guy’s Guide covers everything you need to know! Continue reading


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