Avoid Going Overboard for Themed Weddings

18 Dec

masquerade-wedding-themes-ideas-7Considering a theme for your wedding day celebrations, but not sure where to start… or where to finish? If you’re wondering how to incorporate a motif into your festivities without going too over the top, check out this advice from Nicole Abrahams at Tribute Act Management.

Soon-to-be-married couples are understandably eager to find ways to make their upcoming ceremony stand out from others that they (and, hopefully, their guests) have attended. This is driving many to spend more money on their special day than ever before. However, it takes more than money to set a wedding ceremony apart.

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Planning Your Wedding Photographs

10 Dec

wedding-photographerOther than your marriage itself, your photographs might your only lasting memento of your wedding day. As such, it’s important you go into your wedding day photography with a clear idea of what you want to get out of it. There are many articles out there with lists of must-have photographs for your big day (the kiss, the bridesmaids getting ready, the look on the groom’s face as he sees you for the first time walking down the aisle), but you should also consider these larger points when planning out your wedding day happy snap checklist. Continue reading

5 Resources Brides Should Not Ignore

4 Dec

Header Image

By guest blogger Jenny Wescott.

Are you flustered about flowers? Coming out in hives over your honeymoon? Stressed about seating plans?

A shocking eighty-two per cent of brides have regrets about their wedding day. Although fun and exciting, planning a wedding is also one of the most stressful events you will encounter in your life.

Not only have you got new in-laws to contend with, you’ve got to work out who you’re going invite, who will be in your bridal party and most stressful of all, how you’re intending to pay for it!

Fortunately, there are lots of resources available for busy brides-to-be. Check out five of our favourites from the list below. Continue reading

Buying an Engagement Ring

20 Nov

Buying an engagement ring is a huge occasion for couples. If the one proposing is planning to choose a ring themselves, especially for surprise engagements, this can be a bit of a daunting task! Loyes Diamonds guest blogs this week with an infographic featuring advice on how to navigate the waters of engagement ring selection! Continue reading

Before and After: Guest Transport

13 Nov

Double-Decker-BusLast week we shared the ins and outs of how the Reflective Couple settled on their wedding day transport for the bridal party, and how it all turned out. This time we tackle the next topic in big day transportation: shuttling around your wedding guests. Guest transport might not be something you need for your own nuptials, but here’s why it became a consideration for us. Continue reading

Before and After: Bridal Party Transport

5 Nov

red-trolleyTwo weeks ago, Echo Limousine guest blogged with advice on choosing your wedding day transport, and I wanted to share my first-hand experience on how this went at the Reflective Wedding and – of course – how it turned out. Their article struck a cord with me, because as they mentioned the transportation decision is one that often gets put off until the last minute… and that was certainly the case with us! We, too, were caught up in the fun of designing wedding cakes, choosing menus and compiling reception playlists to worry about booking transport. But that wasn’t the only reason we let things slide… Continue reading

Who Should Give You Away On Your Wedding Day?

29 Oct

Father, step-father, both your parents, a friend, or no one at all? If you’re debating who, if anyone, will “give you away” on your wedding day, Peter Edwards Photography in Australia contributes this week an infographic to help you decide who will walk you down the aisle. The graphic looks at the tradition of a father giving his daughter away, explains how it came to be and also, offers alternative options available to brides. Continue reading


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