Unusual Wedding Venues

22 May

You have dreamt about this day ever since you were a child. You imagined the groom, the dress, the make-up, the people and – no doubt – the venue. But when it comes to choosing your venue, this is going to be something you will remember for the rest of your life; don’t make it a cliché! Forget about big hotel receptions and ceremonies on the beach like you’ve seen in a zillion romantic comedies, Remi Mayer guest blogs with these tips on some truly unique locations around the world for your wedding.

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Bring Sentimental Moments to Your Special Day

8 May


Your wedding is a sentimental experience by itself, but there are many small things you can do on your big day to contribute even more to that feeling. A wedding is a big celebration which will host many of your friends and family, but in the essence it belongs only to you and the person you’ve decided to spend your life with. Cristina Nika Kask guest blogs this week with some great ideas on how to make your “happily ever after” more personal.

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The Best Man Guide

16 Apr

Have you been asked to play best man for a loved one, but not sure what’s important (or how to organize the stag do)? Loyes Diamonds guest blogs this week with an infographic featuring advice on how to fulfil your bridal party duties to the groom-to-be! Continue reading

Alternative Engagement Rings: A Gemstone Guide

26 Mar

Diamonds may be known as a girl’s best friend, but they’re not the only gemstone to pop the question with. Jeff Gear from Gear Jewellers Dublin guest blogs with this infographic exploring some of the lesser-known gemstones, and highlights their unique beauty, and what they symbolise. Continue reading

How to Organize a Destination Wedding

5 Mar

Athens_wedding_greece1-710x473Considering a destination wedding for your big day? Wedding In Greece guest blogs this week with tips on how to plan out a special day that’s in an exciting location far from your home base.

If you like adventure and you seek to get an experience out of every occasion, then, when it comes to your wedding, you have to think about the perfect destination. A destination wedding would offer you a great experience and a memorable time!

However, before you hurry to book your tickets, here are some pieces of advice you should take into consideration. A destination wedding should be organized in every detail so you can enjoy it to the utmost. Continue reading

The Wedding Day Emergency Kit

20 Feb

Or, “No, Seriously, You Don’t Need All That Crap Other Articles Tell You Are Essentials”

KitBefore my own wedding, I became obsessed with planning out my big-day emergency kit. I am a born worrier, so having a toolbox at the ready for wedding mishaps helped me feel a little less stress and a little more in control. However, that was until the day itself… when I actually looked in the emergency kit for something I needed, it was so large, so overflowing and so full of tiny items that I could not actually find anything I was looking for. The emergency kit ended up being useless, and became more stress than it was worth. I recently saw an article 48 Items to Have in Your Wedding Day Survival Kit – trust me, if you have 48 items, you’re not going to be able to find any of them in a hurry. Continue reading

How to Save Big on Your Engagement Ring

28 Jan

Proposal(feature) (2)Planning to pop the question, and looking to get the most bang for your buck from your engagement ring purchase? This week, jewelry retailer Four Mine – based in New York – contributes with their expertise on how shop for your dream engagement ring, and get the most out of your purchase.

Finding that perfect ring to encapsulate your love can be a daunting task. From selecting the right style, to ensuring that you get the most value for your money, there are many details to perfect. However, if you keep the following tips in mind, you can get the ideal ring that will represent your love for a lifetime and won’t break your bank. Continue reading


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