Before and After: Centerpieces

30 Jul

Non-Floral-Candle-Wedding-Centerpieces-01Ah, centerpieces. The cliche wedding task that brides in sitcoms and romantic comedies most often freak out about, or that most often goes wrong. But are they really such a drama? Here’s how we decided on them at the Reflective Wedding, and how they turned out. Continue reading

Preparing Your Skin For The Big Day

22 Jul


How to have a “beautiful” wedding!

Wondering how to get your complexion in the best possible condition for your big day, or unsure whether it’s time to start getting facials to whip your skin into shape?  Sarah Dower from SGD Body & Beauty guest blogs with her expertise on pre-wedding skin and beauty routines.

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Choosing a Flower Girl and Page Boy

15 Jul

Wedding Traditions Page Boy and Flower Girl (2)Considering whether to include children in your ceremony as flower girls, page boys or ring bearers? Sophie Andersen guest blogs this week with advice on how figure out the best kiddie candidates for the task, and how to prepare them for their role in the big day.

Most people consider their wedding day one of the most special occasions of their lives, and – more often than not – they are practically obsessive about everything going exactly as they planned it.  While including children in the ceremony can be somewhat risky, as kids’ behaviour can be a bit unpredictable, it certainly adds a lovely and warm note to a wedding and provides for a personal touch by introducing your guests to some of the most important little people in your lives. Likewise, parents of the child you choose would be quite honoured by your choice, not to mention the fact that your wedding photos would look much better with a couple of smiling children’s faces in them.

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How to Get Your Perfect Wedding Bands

9 Jul
Example of his and hers textured wedding bands with three finish options. From left to right: matte, oxidised and polished.

Example of his and hers textured wedding bands with three finish options. From left to right: matte, oxidised and polished.

Feeling a little uncertain about how to choose a wedding bang, especially for those grooms who aren’t accustomed to wearing jewellery at all? This week Annaïg from Annaïg’s Gemstudio shares her tips for both brides and grooms on narrowing down their ring decisions.   

Let’s start with a few simple questions to ask yourselves before you go shopping for your wedding bands:

Do you both want a wedding band? I know it sounds silly but you would be surprised at how many couples I have seen with one revealing that they actually don’t want one, but came along for their fiancee.
Do you want to have an engraving in it? If so you need to have room for it.
Which metal or colour are you after?
Big, bold, statement band or fine band; regular shape or organic/irregular shape?
Diamonds or gemstones as a feature feature, or plain metal?What you do everyday can also play a big part in the design or style you should go for. For example, if you work at a desk all day you can have an intricate pattern on your band that will last a lifetime… but if you go rock climbing every weekend wearing your ring, the engraving isn’t going to last long…If you are planning to lose some weight before your wedding, let your jeweller know well before your wedding, as it can affect your finger size dramatically. On the other hand, if you leave finding your wedding ring to the last minute, that will limit what can be customised! On average, I would take about 2 to 3 weeks to get wedding bands designed and handmade, so keep that in mind if you are after something unique.
Wedding band tips for the bride

Citrine engagement ring with yellow gold wedding ring fitting in closely

Citrine engagement ring with yellow gold wedding ring fitting in closely

The best way to get started is with your engagement ring. If the ring was selected or even custom-crafted with your input, the jeweller who provided it may already have an idea of what you like or don’t like, your finger size, jewellery style and which metal was used for the engagement ring. Chances are you might have already started to discuss with the jeweller wedding bands to go with it – so save yourself time and go back there to refine your choice of wedding band.

If that is not an option, I would still recommend you start with considering your engagement ring, as the wedding band must fit next to it. I normally suggest a similar profile and width of the ring, to complement it and not overpower it. While I usually stay with the same metal and colour, I have had a few clients who wanted their wedding band in a contrasting colour (see image left) – white gold engagement ring and rose gold wedding band, for example – so that could be something for you to consider as well.

Wedding band tips for the groom
Most men haven’t worn a ring – or any jewellery – on a regular basis, so choosing a style may take a little time. There are a lot of new non traditional material used for men’s jewellery such as titanium, ceramic and stainless steel… You can be adventurous in your choice there as well as the design.

Men's rings (from left to right): Organic carved ring, engraved band with multiple Fleur de Lys motif, wide band with fingerprint engraved.

Men’s rings (from left to right): Organic carved ring, engraved band with multiple Fleur de Lys motif, wide band with fingerprint engraved.

Some of those new material have their limitations in the way they can be worked. For example resizing one of those new material rings will not be possible but it could be engraved. You can get some pretty amazing colours with titanium and can have a striking effect when used in conjunction with white gold. The easiest way to decide and choose what is right for you is for you to have a look at what is available and to try as many ring styles as possible! I know you might not like spending too long in a shop, but it is important for you to find something you will be comfortable with and also a ring you can be proud of wearing everyday.

To make it more personal I like to explore design ideas with my clients to make their wedding band uniquely theirs. Sometimes we can stylise an element of the engagement ring to be transferred onto the wedding band or create a pattern inspired by their story, how or where they met, their hobby… anything can inspire an element to make it a one-of-a-kind wedding band.

At the end of the day, no matter what every else says you both have to be happy with your wedding bands and feel comfortable wearing them. Ask questions and try on rings until you have what you always wanted – even if you didn’t know it when you started.

portraitOriginally from France, Annaïg started her jewellery career as an apprentice gem-cutter in 1985. After practicing and honing her skills working for the most prestigious jewellery houses of the Place Vendôme in Paris for many years, she moved to Australia and settled in Sydney. 2002 saw the opening of Annaig’s Gemstudio offering gem-cutting services to the jewellery industry as well as private clients. Not one to let her creativity rest she also designs and hand makes contemporary silver jewellery. Annaïg is a member of the Gemological Association of Australia and the Jewellers & Metalsmiths Group of Australia. Follow Annaïg on Facebook and YouTube.

(All images provided by author.)

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After: The Wedding Cake

2 Jul

After: our wedding cake

For the past two weeks you’ve heard about how the Reflective Couple went about planning their wedding cake: first the vendor, sizes and tastes, and last week the final look and design of the cake.

So how did our wedding cake turn out, were we happy with the results, and what would we have done differently? To the right you can see our final wedding cake for yourself! My newlywed husband and I first saw the cake after the ceremony, when we went into the reception room to take photographs while our guests were at the cocktail hour. Our jaws dropped when we saw it. It looked absolutely stunning! It was definitely very grand and elegant, and so surprisingly tall! It certainly made an amazing first impression. Let’s break down how it faired on the other criteria. Continue reading

Before: The Wedding Cake (Part 2)

26 Jun

decor4600In last week’s post, I stepped you through the process of how we decided on our wedding cake, in the hope that it helps other couples in figuring out how to tackle the cake task for their own special day. In that post we went through choosing the vendor, sizes and flavors, and this week we take a look at the look of the wedding cake.

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Before: The Wedding Cake (Part 1)

18 Jun


3463e6da7b9c53498fe902d06e582853A few weeks ago I shared images of some amazing wedding cakes, and thought it might be an apt time to take a look at the before and after of our own wedding cake preparations, for those also wondering how to tackle the task. So how did we go about it, for everything from choosing the vendor, deciding the sizes, narrowing down the flavors and designing the look? And – most importantly – how did it turn out?

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