10 Tips for How to Propose

27 Aug

The dos and don’ts of popping the question

2 proposalDecided that it’s time to take the next step in your relationship, and ask your partner for their hand in marriage? No matter how you’re planning to pop the question to your loved one, here are some tips to help your proposal run more smoothly. Continue reading

How to Choose Your Wedding Ring Style

21 Aug

Still not sure where to start in narrowing down your choice of wedding band? Ireland’s edition of wedding website Hitched shares these pointers on what’s what in the wedding ring smorgasbord!   Continue reading

Bohemian Weddings

15 Aug
We want the Reflective Bride to reflect couples’ wedding planning interests, for all types of weddings and all types of themes. Bohemian styling is popping up more and more as couples seek out more alternatives for their wedding day look. This week I interviewed Lisa from Willow Hastings, an Australian website focused on unique bohemian wedding gowns, for insights into the rising popularity of the bohemian look and how to approach adding a touch of boho to your big day.


What characterizes a bohemian wedding from other theming approaches?

Bohemian weddings are known for their raw and earthy approach that is associated with authenticity. Boho weddings align directly to a girl who is herself connected to the earth and is expressing their love through naturalistic styling. A boho wedding could best be described as whimsical and floral. Boho appeal for the bride begs for a lace dress and gypsy influences through jewels and/or a floral crown.  A boho wedding is for a down-to-earth girl wanting to display this aspect of her persona directly through her wedding day. Bohemian weddings are distinctively renowned for bare feet and appeal to couples influenced by nature.

Why do you think there is a growing trend for bohemian weddings? 

Brides are jumping on the boho bandwagon predominantly for its humble appeal. Boho brides also love to greatly support local businesses, with many Australian businesses currently circulating the niche of boho. It has been said that there is comfort in a natural setting for a wedding, especially being able to ditch the shoes and a heavy dress!

gypsy-wedding-dress (2)How should couples go about planning a bohemian styled wedding?

Bohemian weddings can be further categorised. For example: rustic boho, boho chic, vintage boho.  Most couples will find themselves naturally drawn to the bohemian aesthetics based on their personal style. This is the exact beauty of a bohemian wedding: it is personable and therefore adds comfort and intimacy for the ceremony. Willow recommends next for the couple to choose a colour theme and a location. As a wrap up: boho concept, location, colour theme. These three initial concepts are foundations to set some grounding to commence styling and logistical planning.

For those simply wish to add a few bohemian touches to their big day, what would you recommend?

The beauty of ‘Bohemian’ styling is it already has an eclectic agenda. Bohemian pieces can easily be sourced from various vintage and second-hand shops. Etsy.com is always a fast first for boho brides, providing unique and hand made pieces at a happy price point. Flower markets are also a must destination for gypsy brides saturating their wedding with flowers both economically and ethically.

waterpainting-website-smaller-compressorWillow Hastings adorns Grecian Goddesses, Vintage Vixens and Bohemian Beauties. Captivated by what was and what is, Willow helps her sisters on their treasure hunt for the perfect dream wedding dress with beautiful bohemian designs. Follow on FacebookInstagram and Pinterest.

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Light Up the Sky with a Wish Lantern

6 Aug

How to Add Lanterns to Your Wedding Festivities

LLantern 2ooking for something truly unique for your wedding? Releasing wish lanterns into the sky would add a memorable and gorgeous moment to your special day. Tendai Matsika from Wish Lanterns guest blogs this week with advice on how set up everything for your big-day lantern launch, and how to make the moment safe and enjoyable for all of your guests.

wedding should be a memorable experience, celebrated by friends and family. As such, you should consider what some of the highlights of your day should involve. If you’re thinking of how to make your big day something out of the ordinary, “wish lanterns” maybe just what you’re looking for. Designed to illuminate the midnight skies, these contraptions are rather popular for a variety of ceremonies. Continue reading

Before and After: Centerpieces

30 Jul

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Preparing Your Skin For The Big Day

22 Jul


How to have a “beautiful” wedding!

Wondering how to get your complexion in the best possible condition for your big day, or unsure whether it’s time to start getting facials to whip your skin into shape?  Sarah Dower from SGD Body & Beauty guest blogs with her expertise on pre-wedding skin and beauty routines.

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Choosing a Flower Girl and Page Boy

15 Jul

Wedding Traditions Page Boy and Flower Girl (2)Considering whether to include children in your ceremony as flower girls, page boys or ring bearers? Sophie Andersen guest blogs this week with advice on how figure out the best kiddie candidates for the task, and how to prepare them for their role in the big day.

Most people consider their wedding day one of the most special occasions of their lives, and – more often than not – they are practically obsessive about everything going exactly as they planned it.  While including children in the ceremony can be somewhat risky, as kids’ behaviour can be a bit unpredictable, it certainly adds a lovely and warm note to a wedding and provides for a personal touch by introducing your guests to some of the most important little people in your lives. Likewise, parents of the child you choose would be quite honoured by your choice, not to mention the fact that your wedding photos would look much better with a couple of smiling children’s faces in them.

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